A Virgo man has a very 'down to earth' personality. Check out love traits, characteristic and profile of Virgo male.
Astrology: Virgo: Virgo Man

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Virgo Man

Virgo man is extremely practical, possessing an inquiring and logical mind. Fickle in nature, a Virgo man is always on the move. He does not stay at one place and is likely to change even his residence quite often. Considerate, conventional and conscientious, Virgo males are down to earth in their moral outlook. They are obsessed with hygiene and cleanliness and as a result, often end up finding faults in others. They appreciate things of beauty and are very tidy by nature, working to keep their surrounding highly clean.
A Virgo male is very shy when it comes to sharing emotions. He finds it difficult to express him in front of others. It is important for others to understand that Virgo individuals are not outgoing by their very nature and will need help if they are to build confidence. A Virgo man would be far more fascinated with a person who has appealed to his intellect rather than his emotions. However at times, he can be exceedingly demanding and would ask his partner or acquaintance to prove their love for him time and again.
If you want to understand a Virgo guy, it is very important to read in between the lines. He would require a partner who has complete faith in him and can appreciate the depth of his feelings and patience when it comes to achieving goals. Virgo men may be termed as insensitive and illogical, but this is essentially due to the expectations they have from people. They expect a lot more from those around him than they may have been able to provide. Speculative in mind, Virgo man would be fond of science i.e. medicine, food, diet and hygiene, etc.