Go through the horoscope and learn how Virgo individuals will fare in 2009, in terms of love, romance, marriage and family life.
Astrology: Virgo: Virgo Love Horoscope

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Virgo Love Horoscope

Love is the essence of life - a reason for the existence of humankind. Family and marriage further add color to the life filled with love. These three elements make up the most important concerns in people’s life. This very concern escalates their anxiety to know more about the future. If you are a Virgo individual and want to know how your love life, marriage and family matters will be in 2009, go through the horoscope provided below.
You may get humiliated in the society, due to your rude behavior. You may lose faith in religion. Your children will not provide the desired support and cooperation. Your relation with friends and relatives will also be strained. Misunderstandings might creep up in relationships. To avoid chaos, it is necessary for you to be very clear on your part. However, in the process, do not criticize anybody, as this will misguide others, which may even result in silent war between you and your acquaintances. Think twice before taking any decision. You will have tiffs with your wife. Your mental health will be disturbed. A lot of struggle for material gains is on the cards.
Virgo individuals who are in the teenage or have just attained maturity may fall in love in the coming year. However, it is better not to get too serious about your love. People looking for bride/groom will succeed in their quest. Lovers will get married, though they will have to struggle a lot to tie the knot. 2009 will comprise of the most memorable time for Virgos of all age groups. Married couple will enjoy their life in a unique way. Worshipping Lord Hanuman and reading Hanuman Chalisa will prove beneficial for you. By doing this, you will get the desired mental peace and success.