In this horoscope, we have provided the health & wealth forecast/predictions of Virgo individuals, for the year 2009.
Astrology: Virgo: Virgo Health Forecast for 2009

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Virgo Health Forecast for 2009

Poor health, sickness and loss of materialistic wealth are situations that no one likes to face. Worst is the case when people are in the dark about the aftereffects of their deeds. Yearly predictions not only help you to stay away from adverse situations, but also help you to behave tactfully, so that you don’t land up in avoidable trouble in the future. Given below is the health and wealth horoscope of Virgos, for the year 2009.  
You may suffer from poor health in 2009. Due to ilness, you will become weak and short-tempered, which may land you in unnecessary problems. You will be mentally restless and unhappy. There will be hurdles on your way and success will tend to elude you. You will crave for a luxurious life, but will be deprived of it. Luxuries will come only after a lot of hard work. The coming year will be average for those born under this zodiac sign.
You will not be able to enjoy physical health or mental peace. Expenditures will be more than your income and there may be some financial losses as well, adversely affecting your monetary position. You might find yourself in a state of destitution. You will lose faith in religion and neglect religious rites. You will be on formal terms with friends and relatives and they will not be of much help to you. There are chances of getting your legs, hands, waist or hips fractured in the next year. So, take good care of yourself, especially if you are planning a trip to hill station or pilgrimage.

Dhyraj Kamale