Here is a free and comprehensive horoscope presenting what 2013 is likely to bring in terms of money, career, love and health, for Virgos.
Astrology: Virgo: Virgo 2013 Free Horoscope

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Virgo 2013 Free Horoscope

Welcome the year 2013 as a boon gifted by God. All aspects of life will see better performance from your end, compared to the preceding years. You have all the time to display your carefree and lighthearted mood. Plenty of good news is in-store for Virgos. You’ll finally comprehend the connection between a healthy body and healthy mind. Fresh air can be inhaled by those suffering from blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol as you are on the road to recovery. Unreasonable demands from teenagers are likely to flow in, with a desire to experiment with everything. Here comes a word of caution for parents – turn a friend to your kids to counsel them and to be aware of their goings-on. Business trips to foreign destinations are foreseen, benefiting you on both professional and financial fronts. Uninvited guests are likely to visit you and stay for a longer time than expected testing your patience and interrupting your privacy, but there’s nothing much you can do about it. So, take a chill pill and relax! Purchasing property would reap maximum rewards, during April to June, thus enhancing your financial stability, in the long-run. Meeting with a powerful individual, around August or September, will support you in the future.
Finance and Career: Chances of theft or being duped are high in the first half of the year; thus, financial management is the need of the hour. Avoid being overexcited about investing money, lest you sign some documents without giving them a read through. Professional targets will be accomplished, with your seriousness and dedication. Good bonding with associates will raise the success graph and reduce conflicts. The months of August and October are filled with good hopes for politicians and bureaucrats.
Love and Romance: Handling finances can be learnt from others’ experiences, but dude, it’s your love life – it cannot be taught and needs to be dealt with extra care. The months of March through June, in particular, are warning you to tackle your relationship cautiously. And once you succeed in doing so, you have a beautiful relationship to enjoy and spend. A generous hand and negotiating spirit will further enhance and strengthen your bonding.
Health and Relationships: Those eligible have strong possibilities of getting engaged or tying the marital knot towards the start of the year. Committed lovers will find opportunities to add more romantic flavor to their love life. Not much effort will have to be splurged out, as peace and patience comes naturally to you. Health problems naturally stay away from you, as you are heath conscious and manage to devote time to your fitness schedule. Both physically and mentally, you’ll be more fit in the last quarter of the year.
Lucky Number: 22
Lucky Color: Dark Slate Grey
Lucky Months: August & December
Investments in real estate will start yielding handsome profits – enjoy them! Trying to attract a secret love interest? All your efforts will see the path of success, now. Your financial graph will improve, as you take a new initiative. Any pending work will be achieved without your normal schedule being disturbed. You’ll enjoy a pleasurable time with your close ones. Job seekers will finally be recruited with a well-paid salary. You’ll stay healthy throughout the month.
Lucky Number: 7
Lucky Color: Cream
A lucrative deal is expected for businessmen – give in your consent. Love needs to be expressed to win the partner of your dreams. Now that you’ve been eyeing someone secretly, you’ll have to convey the same, but the fear of the outcomes holds you back. To remain financially stable, keep a good watch on your expenses. Something interesting is in-line on the social front. Gossiping about a local issue may be of great interest to you. A critical family issue should be given utmost priority.
Lucky Number: 17
Lucky Color: Forest Green
Some students have a strong possibility of getting a scholarship for pursuing higher studies abroad. Professionally, you are on the brighter side, as you start taking your career seriously. A significant project or assignment being delegated to a team may include you as well. Happiness and enjoyment will prevail on the domestic front. You’ll turn guide or mentor to a young person.
Lucky Number: 11
Lucky Color: Light Grey
Achieving all comforts will make your abode a happier place to reside in. Both personal and professional lives will be satisfying. With no alternatives visible, you’ll have to fetch out ways to improve your finances. An official tour is in the offing. Being romantically aroused, you’ll be motivated to confess your feelings to the person you love. To be completely fit, you’ll need to gulp down doses of determination.
Lucky Number: 15
Lucky Color: Chocolate
Humorous gestures may fall in the negative thoughts by your lover – keep the advice to yourself. Though you have a list of pending chores to complete which you do not feel like completing, but this is the right period to execute them. Money will not be a major concern, this month. Profits will flow in from a property transaction. Pressure is likely to come from the academic front – time to open your eyes! Continuous demand of something from a spouse can irritate you. Drive carefully, as you are at risk.
Lucky Number: 9
Lucky Color: Yellow
Giving attention to a young one can be of support to you, later on. Personally and professionally, things will be in your favor. Deemed to be the most promising month, your ideas will get recognized and appreciated, at office. Smart approach in academics will deliver good performance. You are likely to spend money on an expensive household item. Love life will sail smoothly as the good ol’ days are back. There is a social responsibility, which should not be overlooked.
Lucky Number: 17
Lucky Color: Violet
With mistakes on the cards, your attention shouldn’t divert from the track while implementing important work. A youngster is flowing out of your hands – you know it and it’s bothering you. Minor arguments are foreseen with spouse or family member – that’s normal, unless you worsen the situation. People with the same ideologies will enjoy spending time with one another. Possessing a major asset is on your mind. Working upon your health will be successful.
Lucky Number: 2
Lucky Color: Silver
The person who helped you in building a good image deserves a round of applause and gratitude. Peace and calmness will surround the domestic front. Chances of your cuddling with your lover are strong, adding to the strength of your relationship. Hanging out with friends at a fun place is predicted. Someone is thinking of bringing changes at home, which will be whole-heartedly accepted by one and all. Executing a task demands a clear mind.
Lucky Number: 7
Lucky Color: Magenta
Sharing romantic time with your lover will further enhance your bonding. Prevent yourself from falling in the bad books at the professional front by sticking to your objective. Patience and determination will help you bring peace and tranquility at home, providing you enough space for relaxation. An outing is on the cards, with enjoyment guaranteed. You are likely to make changes at your residence.
Lucky Number: 2
Lucky Color: Yellow
Tired of the same old landscapes around your dwelling? Pack your bags as a holiday to an exotic destination is in-line. With promotion on the cards, you are likely to add weight to your bank balance. Utilize your abilities to deal with a challenging situation, at work. Investments are most likely to yield prolific results. You have the urge to do something exciting for your family, and will succeed in doing so. Attempts made on the fitness route will be successful.
Lucky Number: 9
Lucky Color: White
Your struggle to make your career successful will come to an end, as a lucrative offer comes along your way. Your best dreams will be realized, with support and blessings of your well-wishers. Monetary issues will start subsiding soon. An enjoyable trip is in the offing. Academics may require you to put in extra efforts to perform well. Health does not pose any major issues. A tense situation on the domestic front will be lightened with your exceptional sense of humor.
Lucky Number: 1
Lucky Color: Maroon
It is important to impress the interviewers for grabbing a job opportunity, but over-confidence can rule out those chances. You’ll be lucky to receive a helping hand from someone to make you financially stable. Cupid strikes your single status and sparks off new romance. Some are likely to travel to a magnificent place. Steps taken on the academic front will start reaping fruits. Domestic life sees positive growth.
Lucky Number: 5
Lucky Color: Bottle Green