The year 2009 is filled with varying situations for the Virgo individuals. Read this article to explore 2009 horoscope & predictions thoroughly.
Astrology: Virgo: Virgo 2009

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Virgo 2009

Lucky Number: - 2
Lucky color: Parrot green
Lucky day: Wednesday
Lucky dates: 2, 11, 20 and 29  
Lucky Months: February and November.
Ishta Deva: Lord Ganesha
Vrat (Fast): Wednesday
Lucky Metal: Gold
Stone: Emerald
Direction: South
Finger: Little (fourth) Finger.
Virgo individual are likely to get mixed results in the year 2009. The position of Jupiter, in the 5th house, between January and May and again between September and December, is good. Opportunities will come your way during this period. Recognize the good opportunities and do not miss them out. In the coming year, you may get involved in creative ventures. The family atmosphere, on the whole, will be alright, but the health of a family member might bother you. You will develop contacts with influential people, which will prove beneficial for you.
You should try to avoid taking risks in 2009. Saturn’s placement in the 12th house, till October, and in the 1st house, thereafter, is not favorable. You may experience delays and obstacles in the process of accomplishing your tasks. Some of your projects or plans may suffer a setback between May and September. At times, your own people will create awkward situations for you. The position of Ketu, in the 11th house, and Rahu’s placement in the 5th house will prove to be a great help in some situations.
Saturn will be in the 12th house till October. During this period, unwanted and unexpected expenses will increase, as a result of which, your bank balance will shrink. You will enjoy good sexual relation. However, you should not rule out the chances of unexpected/unwanted abortion. Planetary position may make this year a romantic time for Virgo people. A journey, on short notice, is on the cards. An additional source income may come your way. To get the best results, wear an iron ring, on the middle finger of your right hand, and an Emerald (Panna), on the 4th finger of the hand, on any Wednesday.

Dhyraj Kamale