Taurus men have a hard working personality. Explore the characteristics, love traits and profile of a Taurus man.
Astrology: Taurus: Taurus Man

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Taurus Man

Taurus man is a good natured person, very practical in his approach towards life. He is unpretentious and displays his true self in every situation. Trust and loyalty are the key characteristics of a Taurean guy and he expects to find the same qualities in the people around him. Taurus male is hard working and industrious and would labor for hours, at a stretch, to receive the kind of admiration he wants. A Taurean male is sensuous, tactile, giving, practical and stable. He has a sense of humor, but fails to laugh when others crack a joke.
Taureans are known for their stubbornness and the trait is quite prominent in the males. They rarely change their point of view and stick to what they believe is right. When left alone at a new unknown place, they can get extremely suspicious. Though Taurean men do not get angry very easily, they can have a bad temper if aggravated. They are also very protective of their wife and would not leave her even at times of tiffs and fights. This factor may be due to the presence of jealously and possessiveness in them.
A caring and loving person, Taurus man takes great care of his loved ones, but is very careless when it comes to his own self. He does not come to fast solutions and takes time to analyze situations, things and people. Though he may have a great number of people as his acquaintances, he has very few friends. However, when a Taurus male makes friends, they remain with him for lifetime. He has an impressive dressing sense, which would always create an image of respectability. He is also smart and can evaluate a situation very quickly, especially in financial terms.