Find about love, career, family and health of Taurus individuals in this 2012 yearly forecast and horoscope for Taurus.
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Taurus Horoscope 2012

How Is The Year 2012 For You?
For people falling under the Taurus zodiac sign, knowledge is the key to overcoming any obstacles. There could be a need to understand and work hard in order to share a genuine rapport with your loved ones. This is likely to be frustrating because of numerous questions and contrary opinions. 2012 is not a great time to travel but a few trips might be arranged. Make your ideas clear, be bold and take the initiative. Financial operations will show uphill progress. Physical appearances may get attention from heavy workouts and a change in the manner of dressing. At work, you may get unexpected appreciation or envy. These mixed results will not allow progress to be smooth. Sincere efforts and immense concentration is required to deal with professional matters. You may drift into a mode of profound thankfulness. The most important thing is to strike a balance between work and play.  
Taurus Health Horoscope:
The year, 2012, promises a lot of energy. This depends on the food and exercise that you put in everyday. Long journeys must be avoided in the middle of the year as your back and legs are prone to injury. Pain relievers must be kept handy, if travel is unavoidable. Family members or loved ones may complain of breathing or chronic respiratory problems, towards the end of the year.
Taurus Love and Romance Horoscope:
People under the Taurus sign are sure to be faced with surprises and emotional experiences. Thus, if old communications are broken off, there is no need to worry as newer ones are in store for you. The probability of new acquaintances is high, especially in the first quarter of year. Quite probably that such acquaintances will occur either on trips, or with arrived to you on affairs by people. Married Arians may have to learn the necessary tips for adjustment to enhance peace and harmony at home.
Taurus Family Horoscope:
Stable married couples can receive strong impressions on joint rest among new acquaintances. In January, there is expected consolidation of the family - all members to join. This will be good for you encouragement and support. The younger members in family might go little crazy, but elders need to control them. If you are elder, be responsible to handle the situations. Avoid being too diplomatic.

Taurus Profession/Career Horoscope:
Businessmen may find themselves in the recess mode during this year prophecies. It is connected with re strategizing the organizational structure or bringing in a reformative attitude towards tyour ventures. It will be especially characteristic for employees; it would be useful for them to have variants of a new place of work in a stock and will take care of an establishment or renewal of friendly relations with possible patrons. Such possibilities will appear, it will be necessary to weigh correctly only all and without fear them to use.  

Lucky Number: 18
Lucky Colour: Sandy Brown
Lucky Months: February, March & December