This free forecast 2013 provides predictions on love, career, finance and health of individuals belonging to Taurus zodiac.
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Taurus 2013 Free Horoscope

Happiness, peace and pleasure will keep you occupied throughout 2013. Leave back your worries and start the New Year with a bang. This is the phase where you can divulge all the energy and enthusiasm embedded within you. To maintain a smooth life all through, all negative thoughts should be shown the garbage bin. For the first few months, anxiety may concern you, but as the year proceeds, such feelings will slip away and enable you to recover. Allow yourself to flow with the wind – to rise to the seventh heaven. Be tactful while dealing with family matters, as your words and remarks are likely to annoy some. Business trips should not be given too much of importance – expect only marginal profits from any tours made in 2013. Avoid indulging in any kind of property transactions, in the months of February and March. Investments in shares should be put on hold – let the market condition get better.
Finance and Career: Finances should be managed carefully, as it’s best to save for the rainy day than splurging the entire greens, now! To improve your chances of earning and success, modify your approach towards the work given. A smooth professional life is predicted from May through September, with strong possibility of a promotion. Seek proper recommendation if you are strongly willing to take a transfer; pressurizing on such matters should be avoided during January to March. Job seekers will be recruited on a lucrative profile, in the first quarter.
Love and Romance: An array of opportunities is coming your way to enjoy and spice up your love life in 2013. But to genuinely strengthen the bond, you need to stick to a gentle approach, lest your partner drifts away. Singletons are likely to meet their perfect better-half before the end of mid-year. Love buds planning to tie the wedding knots may seek support from elderly relatives in order to convince their parents. Married couples are likely to be blessed with a baby.
Health and Relationships: Prospects for a stronger relationship are high, towards the end of the year. Your lover will come up with surprises to spice up romance and intimacy, when you least expect it. Give equal weightage to activities and leisure. Hygiene and cleanliness should be your priority to stay healthy and energized. To prevent your health taking the roller-coaster ride, take care of your diet and exercise schedule.
Lucky Number: 6
Lucky Color: Lavender
Lucky Months: May, June, July & October
Someone in your family is expected to outshine, thanks to your consistent support. You can do much better in academics – tighten your belt and work harder! Success will soon fall in the kitty of admission seekers. All your efforts and hard work will be paid off now, as you are in the right phase, on the professional front. Financial grudges will subside gradually. Some are likely to be praised in the social circle. You’ll stay fit and fine, due to your willpower.
Lucky Number: 9
Lucky Color: Sandy Brown
Expect excellence in the field you’ve chosen. Changes are foreseen in your professional life, which you’ll be unable to avoid. Those hunting for a job will soon find one. Analyze the proposal carefully before investing money in any scheme coming across your way, for you would not want to be let down. Your affection for someone in the social circle will be reciprocated with positive results. The charm of your romantic life will soon fade away, if you do not work upon it, now.
Lucky Number: 5
Lucky Color: Turquoise
Bringing a change in your attitude will be in your favor on the professional front and help you perform well. Exhibiting outstanding performance in academics will get you recognized and take you far away. Newly married couples will have all the time to express their love and cuddle into each other’s company. The money bells will start ringing for businessmen. Your lover is likely to sweep you off your feet with his/her romanticism. Investments made this month will yield fruitful outcomes. You’ll stay healthy and full of vigor. Expect a get-together with close ones.
Lucky Number: 17
Lucky Color: Navy Blue
Desire to be in the company of loved ones can increase, for some. You may indulge in an argument with someone at home, but keep yourself controlled, else you are likely to lose you peace of mind easily. Minor mistakes in a relationship are acceptable; take this as a lesson to strengthen your bond, as regretting and expressing love after a conflict goes way ahead of showing concern day-after-day. Most of your time will be engaged in organizing a social event. On the professional front, the road may not be as smooth as you want it to be; hence, you’ll have to negotiate and take some extreme decisions. In academics, you need a firm hand to handle someone. A dispute in property may arise, but try to deal with it outside the court.
Lucky Number: 11
Lucky Color: Baby Pink
Worries may erupt on the social front – this is another phase that shall pass on. Avoid disagreement with parents or an elder, as going against them will not benefit you much. Your superiors will not be influenced if you exceed the sanctioned amount, at work. There is more scope of improvement in academics – time to pull up your sleeves! Keep off from mental stress to stay healthy. Your bonding with your lover will grow stronger.
Lucky Number: 7
Lucky Color: Golden
No issues have been predicted on the professional front. You’ll be pampered with love and affection by your partner. A visit to a swanky place with your lover is on the cards, which cannot be avoided. You’ll move a step closer to your religion, with spiritual feelings settling in your mind and soul. A controversial issue on the domestic front, in limelight for quite sometime, will see the face of light and resolved, to the contentment of everyone concerned. Expect a family youngster looking upon you for the fulfillment of an expensive desire. To stay physically and mentally healthy, follow a fitness regimen or join a yoga / meditation class.
Lucky Number: 5
Lucky Color: All shades of Green
With more work coming along, professional life will keep you occupied. Because you are a perfectionist, you may not be contented with whatever you are presented with, at workplace. Homemakers will be busy in arranging their abode for an upcoming event. With motivation as your back support, you know how to fight your drawbacks – a significant tool that will go a long way in boosting your morale and helping in realizing your dreams. Prepare well in advance to appear confident and the most eligible at interviews.
Lucky Number: 18
Lucky Color: Dark Red
For a fulfilling and cheerful relationship, give the required space to your lover, as being too close can create distances. To succeed at workplace, it’s time to modify your thinking and way of working. With the technology making speedy and drastic progress, businessmen are suggested to strategize their plans accordingly. Customers entering a retail shop will give tough competition to the owners in convincing them. Newlywed couples may find difficulties in adjusting to the new lifestyle. Academics may be suffered due to your delay. First-timers hitting the gymnasium need to be watchful. Rash driving can turn dangerous.
Lucky Number: 18
Lucky Color: Golden Brown
You may have to sweat out your energy to renovate your home and give it the desired look. Do not lose hope, as the efforts will be worthy. Academic life demands a great deal of hard work on your end before you reap the fruits. Financial shortage may force you to cancel your foreign trip to meet someone. Long association with someone of the opposite gender may make attempts to get closer to you. The changing weather brings along seasonal illnesses as well – keep off from roadside food.
Lucky Number: 8
Lucky Color: Electric Grey
Your ego can cause hurdles in your smooth romantic life – think about it. Be cautious while executing your duties at work, as chances of errors are strong. Though there will be financial constraints, but you know how to tackle money. An advice coming from a family member will be of utmost use, on the professional front. A regular fitness schedule will bless you with good health. Longing for a holiday to freshen up will increase for some.
Lucky Number: 15
Lucky Color: Turquoise
Accolades and appreciation is foreseen for your excellent performance at work. Hence, there is a probability of increment or promotion. Excellence follows you in academics, filling your hands with success. Someone feeling annoyed over a small issue needs to be calmed down – time to turn pacifier. Love is likely to blossom for those who’ve met recently. All your endeavors to add passion and intimacy in your relationship will be accomplished. Health will be satisfactory.
Lucky Number: 4
Lucky Color: Blue
Excessive splurge on necessities requires a check, for some. Pushing things too much on the work front can turn things in the negative way. Academically, all your worries on a particular issue will be sorted out. Full support will be provided by spouse, parent or family member in fulfilling your endeavors. A long journey will be productive and cover up all delays. Incorporating a balanced diet will put you back on the health track.
Lucky Number: 1
Lucky Color: Lemon