Love, career, health, business & finance forecast for September 2012 for all sun signs.
Astrology: September 2012 Horoscope

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September 2012 Horoscope

Aries Monthly Horoscope for September 2012
Worries about your weight should be should be over by the end of this month as you find dietary alternatives suggested by the experts. You would need to spend a little more time with your beloved in order to lay a strong foundation for empathy and understanding. Your quick adapting powers bag recognition at work and throw some additional responsibilities your way. Blindly grab these to prosper your career prospects further.
Lucky Number: 1
Lucky Color: Magenta
Taurus Monthly Horoscope for September 2012
Love is in the air for Taurians. Make sure you make full use of this opportunity to bring out what you have been hiding so far for your someone special. It is the right time to express to them what they mean to you; you are likely to be successful in your affairs. This will also boost your confidence level at the professional front where you may be given a charge for a superior position and will help you raise your career graph to a next level.
Lucky Number: 8
Lucky Color: Blue
Gemini Monthly Horoscope for September 2012
Geminis’ need to get rid of their suspicious nature in order to maintain a harmonious life. Restrain the feelings of jealousy as much as you can as they will not give you anything but stress. Meditation and natural therapies will prove efficient in healing the troubled mind. The achievement of the set targets in your professional life will boost your confidence to move ahead and explore new opportunities for yourself.
Lucky Number: 18
Lucky Colour: Crimson Red
Cancer Monthly Horoscope for September 2012
Expecting appreciation for all that you do at the workplace might disappoint you at times; though the later half of the month still promises some rewards. You need to keep a check on obesity and diabetes; else there may be a need for postponing some important assignments. A little modification in your eating habits and lifestyle would do wonders for you. Love is in the air, carefully sense it and experience it.

Lucky Number: 17
Lucky Color: Rose Pink
Leo Monthly Horoscope for September 2012
Leos would need to practice a meditation mantra this month in order to surround yourself with an aura of peace and positivity. It is advisable to keep your egos and all other tantrums at bay. This will not only help you in maintaining a sound health but would prove great on the emotional front too. Professionally, may opportunities will fall in your lap this month; be wise to choose the best ones for you.
Lucky Number: 7
Lucky Color: Lavendar
Virgo Monthly Horoscope for September 2012
Love life seems to be booming as the month begins; yet special care shall be taken in bringing an effective communication with your beloved. Natural therapies like meditation and Yoga will prove to be beneficial in fading away the tensions if any. There is a strong need to break the monotonous routine at work place and experiment with something new and exciting; provided you learn to win over the confidence of your colleagues.
Lucky Number: 13
Lucky Color: Gray
Libra Monthly Horoscope for September 2012
Your inexhaustible energy helps you tread through the rough paths so as to achieve the goals that you have been recently longing for. Efforts put in will certainly bear expected fruits. Make use of calculated words with your beloved in order to cement your relationship with a strong foundation. Health would require some caution in the second half of the month. Follow a regular exercise regimen as a preventive measure.
Lucky Number: 14
Lucky Color: Lemon
Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for September 2012
Overall happy times as the month brings with it new opportunities and good news. Only thing that requires some attention is on the romance front where the stars might put you in unwanted and inappropriate situation. These could be testing times for your loyalty and esteem; thus it would be wise to maintain a low profile and act wisely in any such situations; so as to keep everything under control.
Lucky Number: 4     
Lucky Colour: Peach
Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for September 2012
The long pending projects from abroad are likely to bring you good news this month. Keep a check on the carried excitement as it might not let you complete the tasks assigned to you at the workplace. Give special attention to relationships in the later half of the month in order to infuse that extra charm. Follow a nutritious diet and exercise regularly for a sound health.
Lucky Number: 12
Lucky Color: Indigo Blue
Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for September 2012
The time might lend some challenges your way but you can still benefit yourself by applying your sharp decision-making traits to an optimum level. Teenagers are likely to learn an important lesson on the love front. Later half of the month requires you to remain a little careful on the health front. Travel is on the cards for few.
Lucky Number: 9
Lucky Color: Purple
Pisces Monthly Horoscope for September 2012
Superb time for those in the field of art, dramatics, theatre and dance as their talent would bag appreciation from every possible corner this month. Some of you may be disturbed with the minute health problems at the beginning of the month; though the worries will fade away as the month progresses. Try involving yourself in your deep rooted interests to concentrate on bringing out your potential to the world.
Lucky Number: 1
Lucky Color: Maroon