A Scorpio woman has a 'bold and beautiful' personality. Read on to know about the characteristics, personality traits and profile of Scorpio women.
Astrology: Scorpio: Scorpio Woman

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Scorpio Woman

A Scorpio woman is hard to crack and is more of a mystery that unfolds slowly. She has the ability to read the mind of the people which makes her even more mysterious. Exceptionally secretive in nature, Scorpion woman is usually on the extremes of a relationship - she will either be on the top of your buddy list or crowning your enemy list.  She is very clear about her desires and will make sure others are also aware of it. Scorpion female has one of the most intense eyes, which are sure to pierce a person in and out.
The caption 'Bold and Beautiful’ rightly belongs to a Scorpion female. She has got just the right blend of being bold in her mannerism and behavior and beautiful in her looks and styling. Scorpio women are faithful to the love of their life, but at the same time, are also over possessive and jealous in their relationships. She is very much capable of taking revenge, if her partner ever cheats on her. Scorpion females are completely aware of the ways to attract a male and are extremely passionate in their relationship.
A Scorpion woman can essentially be of two major types - one who knows how to make money for her own gain and for the welfare of others. Contrary to this is the negative Scorpio girl who can be a constant borrower and is unlikely to ever repay her debts. Personal magnetism is one of the key features of a Scorpio woman and she can use it once a while, to gain authority over others. Even after a bitter crash, the Scorpio woman will always have the capability to brush off the negativity, rise and make her way to perfection once again.