A Scorpio has an intense personality. Read on to know more about the profile of the zodiac sign.
Astrology: Scorpio: Scorpio Traits

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Scorpio Traits

The zodiac sign Scorpio is ruled by planet Mars. Born with an electrifying personality, Scorpions are known to have an intense and powerful nature. They believe in one philosophy - life is meant to be lived either to the fullest or not at all. Scorpions have outstanding imagination and intuition powers. A mysterious aura surrounds them and people always find something exciting, dynamic and fascinating about them. They may look aloof in nature, but are always aware of everything that goes around them or concerns them.
Scorpions can be deadly dangerous people in terms of anger. Once wronged or once their pride has been diminished, the game of courtesy is over and you can expect merciless lashing. A Scorpio individual can easily turn green with envy. His one tragic flaw is his immense pride and the tendency to get moody and erratic. A Scorpio's deep insight into every thing makes him difficult to be understood. Nevertheless, he has abundant energies within him that, if used constructively, would make him excel in all spheres, be it work, play or politics.
A Scorpio individual is characterized with an attractive personality. Scorpios leave no work incomplete. They are mostly fanatic with work - they are mostly seen to work till they drop and expect the same from others around them. Because of this strong will power and ability to struggle ahead, they easily attain their dreams and ambitions. An interesting quality in Scorpio individuals are that whenever they find that their life is getting boring and dull, they find a new way to make it exciting and interesting once again.