Get to know the yearly predictions for a Scorpio, in terms of love, marriage and romance in 2009, by reading the horoscope given here.
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Scorpio Love Horoscope

Are you are a Scorpio and interested in knowing how your love life will be in the year 2009? Do you want to find out whether you will be able to maintain a balance between your family and office tensions, or not? Are you seeking to get married in the coming year? Find out the answers to your questions and much more, in this horoscope. Read on to get the yearly predictions for the Scorpios, regarding love, marriage and romance.
Since Rahu will be in the 7th house and Jupiter will govern the 9th house, you might fall in love in 2009. Due to the position of Saturn, bachelors are likely to get married and may even meet their life partner. There are chances of getting married again, for the divorcees/widow/widowers. Your family members may oppose your decision of remarrying. However, they won’t disagree with you for a long time. The year 2009 is also good for the married Scorpios. It will be better to maintain a balance between your professional and personal life. Make sure that you do not bring your workplace tensions to the living room.
Do not pressurize your children to strive for good results, as they will definitely perform according to their potential. Certain matters related to your brother/sister may bother you. Ask them to stay away from bad habits. You will display courageous behavior at the right time. There may be ego problems with your friend or relatives. Your over-confidence may also land you in problems. Misunderstandings with your partner may creep in, which will be solved later. It is better to exercise caution on your part.

Dhyraj Kamale