Explore the predictions on love, career, finance and health in this free horoscope for Scorpio zodiac in 2013.
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Scorpio 2013 Free Horoscope

The year 2013 is expected to bring pleasure and self contemplation. All aspects of life are likely to proceed smoothly, with special emphasis on relationships and career. Time to give that ear-to-ear smile and wait for a fulfilling year heading towards you! Taking too much pressure and workload can drive you down. Gulp down a large glass of iced water and welcome the New Year on a happy note, with open arms. To stay mentally and physically healthy, a positive outlook is demanded on your behalf. Give immediate attention to a prevailing minor skin problem, else it is likely to worsen later on. See a doctor and seek expert medication, as home remedies are not a solution to all ailments. Close ones will extend support. Kids are likely to give you good news in the month of March. Celebrations are in the pipeline as a housewarming is expected in the second half of the year. Not very satisfying results are foreseen with business or professional visits made in the first quarter. Investing in property during the months of March, June and October will yield moderate returns.
Finance and Career: 2013 will urge you to venture into unpredicted heavy expenditures, which will be paid off with the earnings made in the past. Contact with a high-status professional will help in improving your career life. Working on your skills will prove beneficial, at workplace. You may have to face financial crisis in the middle, thus, challenging your management abilities. However, patience and willpower will help you overcome the situation.
Love and Romance: Expect consistent support from your partner. The year will spark off on a romantic note, but will continue only if you are willing to show complete loyalty towards your love. A piece of exciting news is awaiting you, around mid-year. Any differences in views and understanding should be sorted out, else your relationship is on the verge of falling apart.
Health and Relationships: You are likely to sail in a rocking boat, where health is concerned. Do not take your health lightly and great doses of care are demanded. Following a proper dietary regimen can keep off health issues. To strengthen your relationship, you need to put in extra efforts of romance and intimacy. Being excessively jealous or over-possessive can hurt your bonding with your soul mate. 2013 promises to end your search for that someone special.
Lucky Number: 15
Lucky Color: Sea Green
Lucky Months: March & May
Organizing an event may put you in demand on the social front. Irrespective of whether or not you like a person, you’ll have to rely on him/her for getting your work done. Spiritual strength will help you gain mental peace. This is the phase when you can handle issues easily and with a composed approach. You are likely to head for a family excursion – get ready to enjoy! Decent performance is expected to flow in academics.
Lucky Number: 2
Lucky Color: Orange
The month starts off on a positive note with a meeting with close ones, thus, enhancing your social life. Though you may not be fully prepared, but excellence will favor you on the academic front. Professionally, you’ll need to put in extra efforts to complete the given project. Smooth flow of money will improve your financial graph. Someone is likely to approach you who has been romantically getting attached to you, in secret. Health concerns will subside and keep you fit and fine.
Lucky Number: 22
Lucky Color: Violet
At workplace, completion of the delegated assignment will bring praise and recognition. Academic life will sail smoothly, even though you haven’t prepared well. Opportunities come across your way to add weight to your bank balance. Spending time with people of your age will make your social life exciting and worthy. Hidden feelings are likely to be revealed by someone who loves you secretly.
Lucky Number: 7
Lucky Color: Lemon
For a peaceful and harmonious environment, allow yourself to flow with the other person’s desires. Depending upon your willingness, the current period of life will be either good or bad. You may not receive the same signals as you are passing on to attract someone. Do not lose hope and continue your attempts. Depression and regret may prevail for performing purely in academics. Your family members are likely to be disturbed by your self-centered behavior.
Lucky Number: 3
Lucky Color: Rosy Brown
Avoiding a task at office due to shortage of time can place you in the bad books of your senior. Lending a helping hand may be of your individual benefit. But giving the reason a thought can make you genuine and noble. You’ll have to push yourself to stay head-to-head with others, on the academic front. Feelings of selfishness will prevail over anything and everything. Difficulties may exist in the path of your dues, for the work done in the past, being recovered.
Lucky Number: 17
Lucky Color: Violet
The month predicts a meeting with people of the opposite gender sharing a similar frame of mind. Travel with someone special is on the cards, giving you umpteen opportunities to enjoy completely. Use this phase to impress people at office, to improve your career track. Performance in academics will be satisfactory, opening new doors. A task allotted to you in the social circle will be fulfilled adequately. Staying completely fit will be your health motive.
Lucky Number: 15
Lucky Color: Sea Green
Get a good hold over your present situation and act upon accordingly. Making an intelligent move on the professional front will prove highly fruitful. You’ll be in the good books of significant people, filling your hands with benefits. Keep your fingers crossed, as money is likely to flow from unexpected sources. Smooth life on the domestic front will add to your relaxation and rejuvenation. Love buds will enjoy spending time with one another.
Lucky Number: 22
Lucky Color: Dark Slate Grey
Accept support extended by someone. Part-time employees will receive an offer for a full-time job. Practical experience will enable you to sharpen your skills further. You are likely to organize a function at home, keeping you engaged. Utilize your business abilities to fetch monetary gains and become financially stable. Keep off from junk food, and prefer bingeing on healthy alternatives.
Lucky Number: 1
Lucky Color: White
Getting spiritually involved will keep you in good control of yourself. Recognition will flow in on the professional front, with more responsibilities in the offing. Time to infuse in some logical approach to reap the best benefits, in academics! Temporary separation from family is expected for some. Reciprocating with positive signals from the other end will blossom love life. Youngsters may not be at their cheerful best, this month. Planning to possess an asset? Your decision requires a second thought!
Lucky Number: 11
Lucky Color: Silver
Saving more will assist you in spending money within the limit. Get rid of all pending work at the academic front. Your desire of spending a romantic evening will be correctly interpreted by your lover, fulfilling it to your best. You are likely to gain popularity in the social circle. An important foreign assignment is foreseen, which, not grabbed at the right time, will fly away. Professionally, you’ll be highly satisfied with your performance in the given task.
Lucky Number: 8
Lucky Color: Electric Grey
Someone who has recently made an entry into your life will spark off emotional attachment from both sides. Errors and blunders are expected on the professional front, as you seem to be disturbed, this month. Academics may demand more time, causing turbulence in your social life. Excessive borrowing and lending can create unnecessary violence. Season changes can affect your health – take all precautions to stay in shape.
Lucky Number: 5
Lucky Color: Lavender
Good performance comes easily in academics. Unlike the last month, you’ll have the right mindset to tackle things at office and succeed eventually. You are most likely to be invited to a party or function, bringing in doses of happiness and enjoyment. Be calm and kind while solving an issue on the domestic front. Pull up your sleeves as an opportunity to earn handsome money is lined-up. By being precautionary, you’ll be in good health, throughout the month.
Lucky Number: 6
Lucky Color: Dark Brown