A Sagittarius woman has a traveler personality. Explore the characteristics, love traits and profile of Sagittarian women.
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Sagittarius Woman

A clear-hearted individual who speaks her mind and heart out, Sagittarian female is the most blunt and straightforward person of all the zodiac signs. The love for traveling and exploration is most often noted among the Sagittarian girls. They are adventurous and rarely settle at a particular place for a long time. You will almost always find a Sagittarian woman in a scurry, off to explore something new and exciting in her life.
Sagittarian females are extravagant to the greatest extent. They would head for impulsive buying, not even bothering about the price tag even once. When she is not in the best of moods, be sure to hear extremely harsh and insensitive sentences. When angry, a Sagittarian female can make any person feel sad and dejected. She can give the most sarcastic of remarks, but can also forget things early. She trusts people very easily and tends to get hurt in the process. 

Optimistic and positive in their outlook towards life, Sagittarius woman views every opportunity as a means of learning. She is very honest and clear in her thoughts and ideas, something that is apparent from her talks. Sagittarian girls do not care about social obligations in life or any kind of bindings, helping her lead an independent life. They have an active nature and rarely get too upset about anything in life. They know how to rationalize their situations and move ahead.