If you want to explore the personality and profile of a Sagittarian, read this article about Sagittarius zodiac sign.
Astrology: Sagittarius: Sagittarius Traits

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Sagittarius Traits

The zodiac sign Sagittarius is ruled by planet Jupiter. The individuals who fall under this sign are generally found to be optimistic in nature. Sagittarians are always full of energy, with a versatile and adventurous mind. They enjoy traveling and exploring new places and their mind is continually searching for new experiences. Sagittarius individuals are very hard working and never shy away from responsibilities. On the other hand, when it's the time for them to relax their nerves, they prefer to pamper themselves with luxuries and comforts.
Sagittarians are susceptible to anger, even if the matter is of trifle nature. Once angry, it is difficult to get them back to their cheerful self again. They are often found to make haste in new projects, which can be demanding for the other people around them. Another aspect of a Sagittarian is that while he eyes for full recognition of his hard work, he hardly takes time to jump on and point out the inadequacy of others. Nonetheless, Sagittarians are the quickest learners amongst all the other sun signs.
Individuals born under Sagittarius sign usually have high forehead, big ears and thin hair. They are social beings, who love to entertain others. They love challenges in life and are known to live by their own set standards. Sagittarians are reliable people and profound thinkers, gifted with foresight and good judgment. Being highly creative, they like to express their artistic talents in their daily life. Sagittarians have a religious bent of mind and are always ready to help others. They are very forthright, sometimes to the point of being rude.