Check out the yearly predictions of love, marriage and romance horoscope for Sagittarius individuals, for the year 2010.
Astrology: Sagittarius: Sagittarius Love Horoscope 2010

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Sagittarius Love Horoscope 2010

For individuals born under the sun sign Sagittarius, the position of shadow planets Rahu and Ketu in first and seventh house axes, respectively, might cause disturbance in health and partnership, in the year 2010. Therefore, it is necessary to think twice about any partnership you are going through or planning to start afresh. The year would be ideal for love and romance. Live-in relationships will be advocated together with your partner. Unscheduled and unexpected expenditure is on the cards for Sagittarians, when it comes to love and romance.
In the year 2010, the ruling planet of your zodiac sign - Jupiter would be placed in the 4th house. This position would prove to be supportive enough for matters pertaining to love. Cordial rapport with mother and family is also indicated for the Sagittarians. The position of the ruling planet would ensure victory in matters of love, affair and partners as well. Family members would prove to be very supportive. You will be sexually satisfied by your life partner, but might not get the desired satisfaction on an emotional level. There will be major differences between the thinking of the two of you.
There are likelihood of Sagittarius individuals getting involved somewhere else or take a step further in secondary relationships. This can be attributed to Rahu‘s first position in the zodiac sign. From the month of February 2010, when guru will be transiting over 4th house, there would be improvement in family life of Sagittarius individuals. This would continue till the end of the year and would remove all your family problems as well. Single individuals might get married and start their golden era of life. Jupiter will help you to search a decent partner or friend and Saturn will help you to enjoy the philosophy of love. Along with this, Rahu will provide unexpected enjoyments of spiritual and material love.

Bharath Sharma