This section of Sagittarius horoscope 2009 covers predictions on love, romance, marriage and family.
Astrology: Sagittarius: Sagittarius Love Horoscope 2009

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Sagittarius Love Horoscope 2009

All of us are concerned about our personal life and have immense inquisitiveness about what would happen in the future, especially with respect to love, romance, marriage and family life. The prospect of being able to have an insight on these is exciting for all. Most of us would agree to reading yearly forecast to know how we would do in the future. For Sagittarians, the search ends here, as we provide you with your love, marriage and family predictions for 2009.
For the year 2009, the ruling planet of your rashi (sun sign), Jupiter is placed in the 2nd house. This position will ensure victory in matters of love, affair and partners. Family members will stand by you and prove to be supportive. You will get satisfaction from your life partner on sexual level, but not on an emotional level. There will be major differences between the thinking of the two of you. You might get involved somewhere else or move farther ahead in secondary relations. This can be attributed to Rahu‘s second position in your rashi kundali.
Rahu may also create long or short-term separation from your family members. Shocking news with regard to misunderstanding/anxiety over health, from a dearest one can be expected. From the month of May 2009, when guru will be transiting over 3rd house, there would be improvement in family life. This would continue till the end of the year and would remove all your family problems. There is likelihood for single individuals to get married and start their golden era of life. Jupiter will help you to search a decent partner or friend and Saturn will help you to enjoy the philosophy of love. Along with this, Rahu will provide unexpected enjoyments of spiritual and material love.

Dhyraj Kamale