Want to find out what is predicted for Sagittarius in the year 2013? Go through this free horoscope overview to know all about love, career, finance and health.
Astrology: Sagittarius: Sagittarius 2013 Free Horoscope

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Sagittarius 2013 Free Horoscope

A blend of positive and negative experiences is on the cards of a Sagittarius for the year 2013. Stresses and tensions can be triumphed over with a positive outlook and composed mind. Maximum support will flow in from near and dear ones. Kids will bring in adequate pride to you. Foreign trips will prove to be highly beneficial. Though health-related concerns are predicted, but you are capable of coping up with a well-balanced diet and proper fitness schedule. Displaying a too-friendly nature towards strangers during travel can get you into trouble, as he/she may take your behavior negatively. 2013 will be a promising period for investing in real estate. The person whom you’ve been secretly seeing at workplace will start reciprocating to your feelings.
Finance and Career: Keeping a check on unnecessary costs will improve your financial condition. 2013 brings forth rewarding returns for all financial endeavors. Professional life will flow smoothly. It’s time to fall in the eyes of the significant people for delivering excellent performance. To prove your worth, you have some important assignments lined up. Stay away from unreliable people, for your good. Confidence and patience will help you face all challenges and hardships, at the professional front.
Love and Romance: Your soul-mate will provide maximum support, whenever required. Nevertheless, you both have to realize that only trust and understanding can strengthen a relationship and give it a long-lasting feel. Give yourself plenty of time to express your thoughts and feelings for your partner, provided you stay away from being taken for granted. Chances of ringing the wedding bells are strong for those eligible.
Health and Relationships: Commitment is foreseen for those in a relationship, planning to take the next step. Love life will see phases of both stability and changes. You’ll be more romantically aroused – take advantage of this feeling to demonstrate your love. Compared to the previous year, physical health will be ahead of mental energy. Since constant stress is expected round the year, providing your body with sufficient rest and exercise will enable you to be in good shape.
Lucky Number: 7
Lucky Color: Light Red
Lucky Months: November & December
Concentrate on people at work rather than the organization; they’ll be your prospective fruit yielders in taking your career a step ahead. An exciting phase is foreseen as you are likely to be invited to a marriage or party. Peace and quietness will prevail at home, giving you enough time for yourself. Keep off from social matters as stars are not in your favor. Think twice before investing your money.
Lucky Number: 1
Lucky Color: Light Red
The month of romance will be promising for seekers of love as they’ll be able to strike an instant connection with the opposite sex. Work pressure will not decline your abilities, as you handle work professionally. You have a business trip in-line, with positive results expected – be prepared to sign one or more deals. The financial graph is set to grow. Your monetary status will allow you to buy a gadget or appliance on-hold for a long time. Investments in real estate will be rewarding. Achieving dreams will be earlier than expected.
Lucky Number: 15
Lucky Color: Chocolate
Cuddling up with someone close will provide you comfort and happiness. You’ll receive guests from a distant place, adding to the fun quotient at home. Romantic feelings are likely to crop up for someone whom you’d been just friends with for quite sometime. With a handful of opportunities coming in, you’ll soon become financially stable. Academic life will be satisfactory. On the fitness track, your health will improve with addition of new foods or exercises.
Lucky Number: 15
Lucky Color: Coffee
Keep your mind hassle-free and be patient, despite been roused by someone. Accolades will flow on the professional front for a delegated job executed well. Objectives will be realized, in academics. An enjoyable party or function is on the cards. Romantic life will be happening, with both of you spending time together. Travel is foreseen.
Lucky Number: 5
Lucky Color: All shades of Green
Career life will improve, with opportunities lined-up. Analyzing problems and situations at workplace with a positive attitude and systematic approach will smooth out the route. You’ll stay shoulder-to-shoulder with other mates on the academic front. Catching up with old associates will add a spark of excitement in the social circle. Unwell people will see the face of light soon and recover fast. Romance and intimacy will keep your love life elevated. Monetary growth is predicted with improved earnings.
Lucky Number: 4
Lucky Color: Electric Grey
To make the most of an upcoming excursion, careful planning is required on your part. Be cautious as your initial fears related to something or someone will turn into your favor. The month will keep you on your toes, as a meeting with an interesting person is expected. With love being the central focus, it’s time to seduce and flatter your partner. A series of boring tasks is lined-up, but you have the potential to make it interesting. Your financial health will be stable. Utilize the health tips coming your way to reap the maximum benefits.
Lucky Number: 4
Lucky Color: Sky Blue
You are likely to be invited to a function or party, infusing in happiness. With a terrific start, you’ll be able to accomplish something significant at workplace. Reap the most from the activities you engage in throughout the month. You’ll be showered with immense love by your spouse – time to give back some! Money matters will be of concern. Following a regular diet will keep you healthy. You are likely to incorporate new exercises in your workout regimen.
Lucky Number: 6
Lucky Color: Red
Finances demand a close watch, and hence, should be spent, only if you have to. Do not let your efforts decline, as positive outcomes are foreseen. In academics, you’ll prefer to stick to your true self. Unexpected expenses are on the way, but stability will be on your side. Happiness and harmony surrounds the domestic front. Love life will be smooth. Laziness may interrupt you from following a planned exercise schedule.
Lucky Number: 6
Lucky Color: Coffee
Things will fall in place as you manage to come back on the track from where you had left. Efforts make in the past will not be wasted, as they start reaping the desired fruits. You’ll have to sweat out yourself to overcome a competition in academics. Increased expenses are likely to emerge, but you know how to handle them and still stay safe. Social life will improve. Too much of exhaustion will compel you to dispose off a fitness equipment.
Lucky Number: 2
Lucky Color: Pink
Keep worries at bay as you’ll be provided the required support from a well-wisher in dealing with a challenging situation. Your intuitions at office will turn true and be fruitful. Take this period as a chance to mingle with someone to materialize your thoughts. Work speed will improve soon. Giving time to your routine workouts will benefit you mentally and physically.
Lucky Number: 22
Lucky Color: Violet
Travel to a new destination is on the cards. Also, you are likely to come across price fluctuations. Pending work on the professional end will demand efforts and speed on your behalf. Those handling sensitive issues at workplace may have to give utmost significance to security. A family youngster is likely to seek help from you – give in your best. A get-together with old friends or relatives is foreseen. Bonus is expected to flow for those with monetary constraints. Better to stay away from romantic attempts now than to regret later!
Lucky Number: 17
Lucky Color: Parrot Green
To get work done, get hold of the right resources. Sketching out a good plan will take you a step ahead in the career graph. Investing in a new business is predicted, bringing you satisfying rewards in the long-run. Remarkable improvement can be seen in the health of those ailing. To infuse in more romance and passion, love life calls for extra efforts. A youngster in the family, desiring to pursue higher studies, may require funds, which you’ll be able to finance.
Lucky Number: 4
Lucky Color: Turquoise