Here is yearly horoscope & prediction for Pisces/Piscean individuals, in matters of love, romance, marriage & family for the year 2009.
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Pisces Love Horoscope 2009

Love, marriage and family hold an important place in our life. The New Year carries with itself both cheerfulness and curiosity. And when it comes to love, family and marriage, the inquisitiveness is inevitable. For the individuals of Pisces Sun sign, we provide a comprehensive detail about how the year 2009 will pose to be, in matters of love, marriage and family.
On the love front, there will be suspense for the emotional Fish. Though you might fall in love, it would not necessarily be a pleasant experience and you might end up getting hurt or your prestige would be at stake. This is because your zodiac lord will be present in the same sign as Rahu. For those who are single, there are chances of tying the nuptial knot. As for the married couples, they can hope to be blessed with children. Old couples should take care of their partner. You will have to pay much time, attention and money on your near and dear ones.
It is advisable to generally beware of people as someone might play with your feelings. Nonetheless, since your zodiac lord is positioned at a favorable sitting, you can expect to gain prizes, gifts and celebration on completion of some, as yet, incomplete events. Those younger as well as older than you would be very supportive and make you happy. You would also realize that relations matter a lot in life. Bachelors will get chance to entertain others, while the married couple would enjoy each other’s company outside home.
In the matters of sex, you will be act in a controlled manner. Luck favors you as your partner would be decent, just as you expected him/her to be. The year promises to be good in terms of family life. You are likely to hear good news from your family members, especially your children and siblings. However, things might turn out to be totally contrasting as well, making you hear rumors/worst news about them.
Unexpected expenses on the senior members of your family are on cards. You will have to take extra care of them in the year 2009. There are strong chances of loss of either a senior member in your family, either maternal or paternal, or someone else close to you. Chances of extension in your family, especially on the maternal side, are there. Possibility of a female child is high. Aged Pisceans will enjoy good health and spend a good time in the forthcoming year.
If you have crossed middle age, traveling to the mountains or going on pilgrimage trips is likely to happen. A blissful period might be ahead and you will spend most of your time in prayer and congregation. Restraint and abstinence will help you enjoy life in an excellent way. Year 2009 belongs to Rahu, Saturn and Jupiter. So, Pisceans are advised to worship Lord Shiva, Bhairav and Narayan to prevent all evils. Donating gold, copper and silver to Brahmin and Shudra will bring well being and prosperity in life.

Dhyraj Kamale