Read the yearly forecast/predictions of health horoscope, for the sun sign Pisces for the year 2010, in the article.
Astrology: Pisces: Pisces Health Forecast For 2010

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Pisces Health Forecast For 2010

In 2010, Pisces individuals should keep a vigil on their health. You would have to visit doctor for general health check ups. You would also stay in the hospital for some reason. You might develop concern for far away relatives. Elderly couples should take care of their partner’s health. For them, recovery from illness is foreseen, thanks to their good immunity. Since Pisceans generally are fond of drinking juice or other beverages, chances of gastric trouble cannot be ruled out.
You would have to take extra care of your health, because other than gastric trouble, ailments related to lungs and digestive organs might creep in, in the year 2010. Pisceans should take plenty of water to avoid such ailments. An enticing period is expected ahead, provided you spend some time relaxing and meditating. Asceticism will help you enjoy life. Aged Pisceans would enjoy good health and spend a great time in the forthcoming year.

Elderly Pisceans may travel to the mountains or go on pilgrimage, which will rejuvenate them spiritually and physically. As far as days of the week are concerned, Sunday is the most disturbing day for Pisceans while Mondays are good for studies and for planning and execution. Thursdays are good for any work and Saturday is the day of joy, earning and spending under control. Lucky colors are all shades of green, blue or yellow, while dark brown and black are negative for you.

Bharath Sharma