Go through the horoscope, to know the predictions for the Pisces/Piscean individuals, in matters of health & wealth.
Astrology: Pisces: Pisces Health Forecast for 2009

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Pisces Health Forecast for 2009

Health is one of the most important aspects of life. Life is getting busier each day and in the race of earning wealth, we often neglect our health. You must work towards attaining well being and prosperity, in terms of health as well as money, so that you are able to enjoy life to the fullest. In this section, we provide the horoscope of Pisces individuals, in relation to the matters of health and wealth, for the forthcoming year.
Pisceans need to careful in 2009, in matters of health, as they are likely to be attacked by contagious diseases, like cold and cough. Even mentally, they might remain tensed and unhappy, becoming weak as well as short-tempered. All the above is because of the placement of Rahu-Jupiter, in the eleventh house. Saturn, who is the lord of eleventh and twelfth house, will be in the sixth house, the house of enemy and diseases. There is a likelihood that you will suffer from diseases, new or old.
At the end, however, you will overcome all the health problems, because Jupiter, lord of the first and the tenth house, will be in the eleventh house. The presence of Rahu might cause you to have an unknown fear in your mind. It is, therefore, advisable for you to worship Hanuman and read Hanuman chalisa. This would help you prevent uncertainties and assure success. The Pisceans who suffer from low or high blood pressure are recommended to wear panch mukhi rudraksh on Monday morning, after giving it dhoop (incense). They are also requested to meditate as much as possible.

Dhyraj Kamale