This article provides yearly career and finance predictions and horoscope for Pisces/Piscean individuals in the year 2009.
Astrology: Pisces: Pisces Career and Business Predictions 2009

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Pisces Career and Business Predictions 2009

While all of us know that our career will shape according to the efforts we put in, most of us would also agree that luck also plays an important role. Thus, when we read a horoscope, career becomes an important area of concern. In the following lines, we provide the horoscope for Pisceans, with respect to their career.
In the field of career, this year will be okay for Pisceans. The eleventh position of Jupiter is likely to cause problems, because of which you may suffer at the hands of your senior or teacher/professor, boss or officers. There may be a dispute with your boss. Due to all this, your hard work might not count. However, Jupiter is lord of tenth house too and things would get better by the end. You are likely to achieve success in the last and your senior will realize their mistake, sooner or later. They will end up being pleased with your work as well as your nature.
People who are expecting promotion or are waiting to close important deals in business will have to wait a bit for the right time to come. However, they will surely end up getting what they desire. Because of Rahu, you are likely to get unexpected profit/loss in your business. The placement of Saturn will lead you to meet your old friends. However, you will have to incur a few expenses on them. Chances are that you might meet your long-forgotten colleagues, friends or neighbors and they would end up being a great help to you in important manners.
There may be some new agreements or deeds in your business, which will open new doors of success in your life. For employees, this year can cause a tremendous change in job. You might join a new job, but would have to work hard to prove your mettle to the seniors in the profession. Coming to students, they can choose their new way of career. However, there might be a few obstacles, mainly because of the conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu. You will not be able to make your mind. In such circumstances, it is advisable to follow the first thought that comes to your mind.
Politicians may support you, especially the females, but try to avoid them by slipping off with a polite excuse. Beware of people who work at the lower levels, be it at home or your work place, as they might cause harm to you, either physically or economically.

Dhyraj Kamale