The following free horoscope will provide an insight into the life of a Pisces for 2013, with regard to love, career, finance and health.
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Pisces 2013 Free Horoscope

Positive energies will rule your life throughout 2013. You’ll feel pumped up, as plenty of action and new ventures are in-store for you. Sufficient support will be provided by your family if you are planning to invest a large sum of your savings. Your health stars are very strong, though you’ll have to pipe in huge doses of optimism and positive attitude to stay happy. By keeping yourself both mentally and physically healthy, your overall morale is likely to be boosted exceptionally. Good news from kids is on the cards, bringing you pride. Surprises are also lined-up as siblings have get-togethers planned. Your peaceful mind might take a toll with a misunderstanding with a close one, from your spouse’s side, cropping up. Maintain your temper and tackle the situation diplomatically. Any plans to invest in real estate in your name should be called off; instead, use your family member’s name to turn fortunate.
Finance and Career: Income and expenditure promise to maintain a good balance in 2013. No obstacles have been predicted in this area. As such, you can plan your finances with a relaxed mindset and proceed further. New challenges and opportunities are foreseen. Lucrative employment offers are in the offing for those having an engineering background. Any problems and difficulties on the professional front will be sorted out and raise the line of your career graph further.
Love and Romance: Giving time to your lover will only strengthen your relationship and help you take the next step. Where you can dedicate time to all worldly commitments, spending some quality time with your partner is justifiable. Even though he/she is most understanding towards you, but you need to play your part as well, right? A bond is created between two hearts and not just one. All miscommunication can be disposed of by listening to your lover and speaking out your inner self. Cuddle your beloved and create a small, loving romantic world comprising of just the two of you. Bring harmony to your love life with passionate statements and thoughtful presents.
Health and Relationships: 2013 is an ecstatic period for love buds! Several pleasurable moments and opportunities will come along your way – keep your eyes open! Married couples can take this phase highly beneficial for conceiving. New romance is predicted for singles. With practical changes in your lifestyle, you’ll be able to eradicate bad habits and incorporate healthy foods in your regimen. The earlier you take the steps, the healthier you’ll become. Energy and vitality will be your strengths round the year.
Lucky Number: 17
Lucky Color: Light Grey
Lucky Months: January, February, June & October
Your carelessness can lead to loss of a deal falling into your kitty. Fulfilling targets may turn difficult for marketing professionals. You may have to cancel or postpone your idea of purchasing something, due to increasing costs. The home environment is expected to be cheerful, as a fun-filled activity is coming up. To complete the task on time, keep everything ready that may be useful. Couples will get opportunities of spending time with each other.
Lucky Number: 1
Lucky Color: Yellow
It’s high time that you break all contacts with the person who’s been opposing you for long, as it will not make the situation any better. You may be attracted towards a new job offer initially, but will not go for it, as it appears no more lucrative. Financial stability will favor you as you start handling money tactfully. Devoting more time to spouse will help you strengthen your relationship further. To stay fit and fine, you’ll have to sacrifice sugar-laden foods from your dietary menu. With the cupid striking everyone in this month of love, you’ll be in a complete romantic mood, encouraging you to reveal your feelings for your lover, be it through words or eyes.
Lucky Number: 11
Lucky Color: Light Blue
Professionally, you’ll be able to fulfill the objectives set, thanks to the situations turning into your favor. Your reputation will see further growth as you are likely to gain popularity. You’ll excel in academics, due to your dedication and hard work. Happiness and enjoyment is expected to prevail on the domestic front, as you manage to give time to your close ones. Opportunities flow in to make your bank balance heavy. You’ll stay healthy throughout.
Lucky Number: 6
Lucky Color: Green
You’ll benefit from an advice given by someone. The month gives you chances to make yourself financially strong. Lucrative returns are foreseen from investments made in stocks. Excellence will come easily for those engaged in academics. Someone whom you’ve been eyeing for long will start responding strongly. Help flows in from a family member, adding to your social status. Your desire to buy something since long will be fulfilled. Make efforts to stay full of vigor and energy.
Lucky Number: 22
Lucky Color: Indigo
You’ll be saved from financial loss, due to advice offered by someone close, on a regular basis. Though others may be distracted due to your independent ways of performing tasks, but they’ll enable you to achieve your targets. Despite hectic schedules, you’ll extract time to meet your lover and spend quality time with him/her. To complete work on time, a shorter route will have to be implemented, on the professional front. Those owning vehicles should drive carefully. Exercising regularly will keep health issues and ailments at bay.
Lucky Number: 3
Lucky Color: Cream
Welcome the month with open arms as you’ll soon be on cloud nine. Grabbing many opportunities on the professional front will enhance your career life. Excellent performance prevails in academics. Romance and intimacy continue to get both the partners closer. Adventure lovers have a thrilling holiday lined-up. Finances are expected to grow stronger. Following the regular workout schedule keeps you healthy.
Lucky Number: 5
Lucky Color: Forest Green
To work out things the way you want, efforts should continuously be made. Involving in exciting activities at home will make the environment happy. You’ll be appreciated for handling a complex situation at work, with a clear mind and systematic approach. Students, who are about to pass-out from college, will start diverting their focus towards seeking a rewarding job. Contacts with close ones will be made through your efforts and willingness. This is a flourishing period to add extra spice to your love life.
Lucky Number: 6
Lucky Color: Lavender
Time to take the situation in your hands and reveal the true face of the devil! Investments in the past are likely to yield handsome rewards. Praise and accolades will flow in as everyone makes notice of your creative ideas – accept them as a step to climb the career graph. Something interesting is on the cards as a casual meeting with an associate is expected to mature into romance. Chances of traveling are strong.
Lucky Number: 4
Lucky Color: Violet
Working upon future plans at office? Seek feedback from co-workers for a more effective plan. Significant people will be impressed by your innovative ideas and improve your professional status. You’ll perform outstandingly on the academic front. Prior investments will fill your hands with exceptional returns. Travel is on the cards with chances of journeying to a far-off location. Singles are likely to fall in love at first sight.
Lucky Number: 18
Lucky Color: Purple
A good control over your emotions may prevent you from weakening. At office, prefer to complete your work single-handedly as delegating responsibilities to someone may not be liked. Exhibiting extra smartness in academics can turn negative – keep off to save your reputation. Acquiring a product or service at cheaper rates, due to great bargaining skills is foreseen for some. Seeking support from spouse or a family member will help you in convincing the elder to turn into your favor.
Lucky Number: 2
Lucky Color: Deep Sky Blue
Memories of the past, both good and bad, will keep you mentally engaged. You need to work upon your communication skills to turn things in your favor on the romantic front. There is a long journey on the cards, but might get delayed due to unavoidable reasons. Bring that million-dollar smile on your face as some of your ideas will be utilized for fulfilling assignments, at work. To stay financially sound, be watchful on your expenses. To continue riding on the good health track, avoid late night parties. Love urges you to follow the mantra – give love to receive love.
Lucky Number: 11
Lucky Color: Orange
Do not let someone’s offensive comments overrule your mind – they aren’t intentional and hence, shouldn’t bother you much. If you’ve been worrying about your bank balance for quite some time, you’ll have to take a stand and work upon reducing unnecessary expenses and increasing savings, to come out of it. You may be behind meeting the deadline for completing a project – time to pull your socks and get going. To stay absolutely on-the-go, practice a proper workout schedule.
Lucky Number: 3
Lucky Color: Red