Check out the yearly predictions/forecasts & horoscopes of Pisces, for the year 2010, in the article.
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Pisces 2010

Pisces is the 12th and the last sign of zodiac. Ruled by Jupiter, Pisces is a water sign. Individuals born under this sun sign are artistic, kind and sympathetic. On the other hand, they are also extra slow in comprehension. Their ideas are based or filled with fantasies and superstitions. The one characteristic that sets apart Pisceans from others is that they show genuine empathy towards humanity.
The arrangement of planets in the New Year 2010 will give mixed result to Pisceans. Jupiter will be positioned in the 12th house throughout the year, which would improve the intuitive nature of the individuals born under this sun sign. You might clear majority of your debts, in this year. Pilgrimage or frequent meeting with saints is on the cards. People settled abroad would spend a great time in 2010.
Piscean parents might go to foreign countries, to meet their relatives. Travel to hilly areas and pilgrimage are on the cards, for elderly Pisceans. Sunday is the most disturbing day for Pisceans. Mondays are good for studies and for planning and execution. Thursdays are good for any work. Saturday is the day of joy, earning and spending under control. Lucky colors for Pisceans are all shades of green, blue or yellow, while dark brown and black should be avoided.
Saturn would be placed in the 7th house throughout 2010. The position of the planet is good for agreements, while the business partnerships might give good dividends. Pisceans in search of job abroad might fulfill their wish easily, in the year. Those who are about to marry might tie the wedding knot this year. People would improve their attitude and students might perform excellently, in 2010. Shadow planets Rahu and Kethu would be placed in important axis, that is, the 10th and 4th houses, respectively. However, this arrangement would bring disturbance in the professional life of Pisceans, in 2010
Bharath Sharma