Love, career, health, business & finance forecast for November 2012 for all sun signs.
Astrology: November 2012 Horoscope

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November 2012 Horoscope

Aries Forecast for November
Businessmen are likely to come across some profitable deals. Government servants can expect a promotion lined up, very soon. Absenteeism and uninformed leaves taken by IT consultants can fall prey to their senior’s anger – be prepared with justifiable excuses. To strengthen the bonds with close ones, Aries will have to keep a good control over their temper. Financial deals need to be handled carefully. Keep a check on your health. People approaching you for monetary help should be let down as you need to save for the future.
Lucky Number: 18
Lucky Color: Brown
Taurus Forecast for November
With delays foreseen for the month, decisions have to be taken quickly. Your talent and abilities will make a good impression on the people around you. Keep away from office politics for a peaceful mind. Taureans will be able to fulfill the given task, will assistance from a co-worker. A short holiday is on the cards. Caution should be taken by those driving a two-wheeler. Health does not pose any concerns.
Lucky Number: 9
Lucky Color: Crimson
Gemini Forecast for November
Your way of expression will enable you move ahead of a professional rival. Geminis will come across unwilling changes at home. Avoid criticizing too much about other’s opinions; rather accept them however they come. For a more tactful and rational decision, contact people who have a perspective and standpoint, similar to yours.
Lucky Number: 7
Lucky Color: Slate Grey
Cancer Forecast for November
Do not let people take you for granted, due to your excessive shyness, on the professional front. Being more systematic will add to your self-esteem and confidence. Cancerians need to create a good equilibrium between intuition and logic, with extra efforts. Social reputation foresees a downward fall. Expect some challenges while connecting with family members.
Lucky Number: 8
Lucky Color: Green
Leo Forecast for November
Love life predicts hurdles, as the more romantically involved you try being with your partner, the more he/she seems to drift away. Utilize this month to find out the reasons. Those working with the defense forces may be denied of the leaves applied for. Health brings positive results for Leos. Caution is suggested while signing a financial agreement.
Lucky Number: 9
Lucky Color: Maroon
Virgo Forecast for November
You may have to take on more responsibilities than you can handle in your social circle, but people around you will ease your problems. To steer clear of regretting at a later stage, set only those objectives which can be achieved. Money and finances need a careful watch. For a smooth and romantic love life, Virgos should watch their words before uttering them. A planned long journey will be delayed.
Lucky Number: 3
Lucky Color: Black
Libra Forecast for November
Financial transactions should be kept at bay by Librans, this month. Professional life will be too busy with many projects to handle, with no help predicted from any side. For a complete calm and composed mindset, it’s best to get adapted to the changing situations on the domestic front. Words should be analyzed twice before being spoken for a stable love life. November predicts delays in long travel, which cannot be avoided.
Lucky Number: 2
Lucky Color: Fawn
Scorpio Forecast for November
Your financial condition is likely to become stable, this month. Scorpions will have to step into their shoes to face the competition coming along, on the academic front. Despite being provoked to rush into things, you’ll manage to rationalize the situation and handle them at your own speed. A holiday to an unexplored destination is foreseen. Issues cropping up in an onsite project may have to be solved through your brainy mind. To earn extra remuneration, make the most of your skills. Some may relocate their residence, making the situation hectic.
Lucky Number: 8
Lucky Color: Yellow
Sagittarius Forecast for November
Demands may increase at workplace, but handling each one of them is your plus point, isn’t it? Help and support will flow in for Sagittarians, whenever required. You’ll give in special time to rekindle romance with your lover. Some are likely to have their salaries improved. Those planning to establish a new business, should incorporate their sales and marketing skills. Start steadily to strengthen the foundation.
Lucky Number: 2
Lucky Color: Magenta
Capricorn Forecast for November
Capricorns will finally manage to extract some time for themselves, thanks to less burden at office. A strong initial attraction towards the opposite gender will urge you to make the first move. A profitable deal is on the cards, adding to your finances. Some may feel homesick and miss their family. All students set to fly abroad for higher studies need to pack their bags in advance, failing which they are likely to miss important things.
Lucky Number: 2
Lucky Color: Off white
Aquarius Forecast for November
The month will keep the Aquarians elevated, due to their partner’s good suggestions. Professional life will be smooth as you stick to your true-self. Cut down expenses to prevent future grudges. An educative and informative excursion at school or college is predicted. A business trip is on the cards in the last week, proving to be beneficial in terms of new contacts and contracts. Those in uniform can expect few chances of their leave being approved.
Lucky Number: 4
Lucky Color: Mauve
Pisces Forecast for November
While seeking a job, be open to all options. Real estate has a lucrative deal predicted for Pisceans. An irritating subordinate needs to be handled patiently. Finances should be managed with extra care. For a more enjoyable trip, take someone close along with you. Existing business contacts will help in expanding prospects.
Lucky Number: 3
Lucky Color: Cream