Love, career, health, business & finance forecast for March 2012 for all sun signs.
Astrology: March 2012 Horoscope

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March 2012 Horoscope

Aries Horoscope for March 2012
If possible, take the help of emotional intelligence this month to succeed at professional front. Entertainment will be real fun provided all the members of the family join you. Avoid investing money in speculations based on rumours. You will be in a loving mood, therefore make special plans for romantic partner. Don’t waste invaluable energy in building castles in the air. Vacations are meant to be fun filled and relaxing but hectic schedules may ruin it. Your investment plans are at full boom and you might succeed in them. Inability to discuss problems with others is likely to cause some tensions later this month.
Lucky colour: green
Lucky number: 7
Taurus Horoscope for March 2012
Female colleagues would help in completing pending work. Matrimonial alliance for eligible bachelors in family brings joy to all. Certain important plans will be executed, bringing fresh financial gains. You are likely to get a new friendship opportunity in the middle of the month. Inexhaustible energy enables to participate in outdoor activities. A systematic approach to plan your journey will benefit you in future. Your girlfriend’s desire for an apartment might lead to its destination later this month. Avoid picking up an argument at any cost especially over petty issues.
Lucky colour: brown
Lucky number: 5
Gemini Horoscope for March 2012
It is a promising month for ambitious professionals to demonstrate technical skills & abilities. Have fun in the company of relatives. Speculations are likely to bring monetary profits. New romance that some of you are going to experience would take the worries off mind. You attain a bloom in health on sharing happiness with others. Vacation full of beauty and history as well as exciting is waiting for you. Put together a few ideas to help you in purchasing a lodge. Avoid running away from a situation; rather face it to bring something good out of it.
Lucky colour: gray
Lucky number: 14
Cancer Horoscope for March 2012
Politicians find a very smooth sailing as results go in your favour that immensely boosts your confidence levels. A new outlook will be the source of laughter at family front this month. Be prepared to say no to people who expect too much in financial matters. Highly demanding behaviour of romantic partner will force romance to take a backseat. You need to conserve your precious energy to do something meaningful. Don’t wait for extra ordinary opportunities, travel plans may not work out as per expectations. Time to plan a gift for your parents may be their dream home. You are likely to learn many things from the past experiences.
Lucky colour: purple
Lucky number: 7
Leo Horoscope for March 2012
People engaged in tourism will have the energy to keep pace with fast taking events thus giving themselves an edge over others. Enjoying a picnic with family will not only bring joy but also help in clearing misunderstandings. Monetary position is likely to improve later in the month. You enjoy a memorable time with partner to cement the lovely bond. A cheerful state of mind would allow enjoying the perfect health. Travelling on your own, with a friend or with the whole family will be exciting and comfortable too. It’s high time to think of purchasing a new property; bring your plans in action now. Second half of the month is the best time to keep yourself abreast with the knowledge to impress people around you.
Lucky colour: red
Lucky number: 6
Virgo Horoscope for March 2012
Betterment awaits people engaged in the field of graphic designing. Monday & tuesday, this month would be auspicious days for family functions and important ceremonies. Investment in speculation should be made with extreme care this month. You will be attracted to someone special. Divine knowledge from a saintly person provides solace & comfort. Travel in comfort with kids to an adventurous place might be possible. It might be the right time to sale your empty plot as property rates are at peak. You feel on the top of the world as many good things happen at a same time.
Lucky colour: white
Lucky number: 9
Libra Horoscope for March 2012
Self-confidence would immensely help in achieving good results at professional front. This is the month for renewal of bonds and family ties. Hard work of previous months brings good fortune enabling to fulfil monetary promises. Warm romantic thoughts occupy mind throughout the month. Meditation and yoga prove beneficial for spiritual as well as physical gains. A trip that stimulates and gives opportunity for work is coming ahead. Your plan for a new house will be in process very soon. Unusual decisions in friend circle could confuse you.
Lucky colour: pink
Lucky number: 4
Scorpio Horoscope for March 2012
Make sure you don’t neglect subordinates but give an ear to them to enable yourself to find valuable suggestions. Charming nature and pleasant personality would make you the attraction of family function that you attend this month. You succeed in making some extra cash on playing your cards well. Your charm & generosity bring new romantic opportunities for you. A very healthy month when your cheerfulness gives the desired tonic and confidence. A luxurious getaway type vacation with your spouse is waiting for you. Your loan procedures for pursuing a plot will be in process.
Lucky colour: cherry red
Lucky number: 12
Sagittarius Horoscope for March 2012
The efforts of people aspiring to join interior designing course are likely to be handsomely rewarded. Family members appreciate the changes made in & around the house. An auspicious month to invest money on items that would grow in value. Love life brightens your month. You are likely to maintain good health that would also give you success. Some arrangements before you go on an overseas trip will save your time, effort and give you peace of mind. Investment in hotel industry can be the right choice to be made by same. Nice behaviour would make you a star of social gathering.
Lucky colour: blue
Lucky number: 7
Capricorn Horoscope for March 2012
People involved in hr are likely to realise that interviewing is not an easy job as some new candidates give you a little tough time early this month. If possible undertake the projects that would benefit the whole family. Group involvement will be entertaining but expensive, especially if you try to be extra generous. Your wit & charm would help in catching the attention of opposite sex. A continuous positive thinking gets rewarded as you succeed in whatever you do this month. Thrilling experience is on your way, as your trip is full of excitement. Investment on construction business might give fruitful results to the people in that domain. Circumstances are likely to make you friendly with influential people.
Lucky colour: lavender
Lucky number: 10
Aquarius Horoscope for March 2012
Leadership qualities and ability to understand people would benefit you at work place. Encourage children to engage themselves in household activities in their spare time. Investment on long-term plans would pave the way for earning financial gains. Those engaged will find their fiancée a source of great happiness and recreation. Creative hobbies are likely to keep you relaxed. Vacations are at a premium, if you consider them. Purchasing home loan is not the right decision for you especially this month.
Lucky colour: mauve
Lucky number: 1 
Pisces Horoscope for March 2012
At work you will be perfect in whatever you do this month. Friends and family members would encourage you to work harder. All investments need to be made with proper consultation to avoid losses. Love partner would be extremely supportive and in a loving mood. With a positive outlook & confidence, you succeed in impressing people around you. Pack your bags as a happy, fun-filled holiday is on the cards. Investing on a ship or a cruise is an exciting venture to be made. Close friends may not standby you at the time of need; so as an advice do not expect much from them this month.
Lucky colour: sea green
Lucky number: 6