Check out the horoscope of 2009, to know the yearly predictions of health & wealth for the sun sign Libra.
Astrology: Libra: Libra Health Forecast for 2009

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Libra Health Forecast for 2009

Health and wealth are the two aspects of life, which are very important for all of us. Good health is the prerequisite for acquiring the desired materialistic wealth. People opt for different options to maintain a good health and increase their wealth. Many of them are enthusiastic about knowing their future, as to how much will they be successful in fulfilling their wishes. If you are a Libran and are keen about knowing what future has in stock for you, read this horoscope. Here, we have given a comprehensive horoscope about the health and wealth of Librans for the year 2009.
The positioning of Saturn and other stars will prove to be good for Libra individuals. You will enjoy good health because of the combination of Rahu and Jupiter. Ketu’s position in the 10th house will provide you good business deals. A promotion or increase in the salary is on the cards for employers. Chances of job change are also foreseen. You might get a job, which proves to be better than the previous one. Politicians will have to take good care of themselves, as there are possibilities of hurdles. Your enemies may get to know some of your secrets, which may cost you a major loss. 
Loss of materialistic wealth or reputation is foreseen for Libra individuals running theatres, educational institution or hotels. So, they should be very careful in the next year because, the combination of Jupiter and Rahu will result in a chandal yuti, which is not good. Students should avoid bad companies. People involved in illegal business should be vigilant in the coming year because the illegal activities may get opened in the front of public, family or friends. Stay away from people who are planning a conspiracy against you to ruin your reputation in the society.
Don’t share your feelings or secret with those whom you do not know much. Doing regular exercises or Pranayam will be quite beneficial for you. If problems still bother you, worship Lord Bhairav and Lord Shiva. Chant Shivashtak and donate alcohol to Bhairav temple. Pouring milk mixed with under a banyan tree or at Shiva Linga, between 4.oo a.m. and 5.00 a.m. will be beneficial. Do this process for 41 days to get the benefits.

Dhyraj Kamale