This free horoscope for Libra zodiac predicts love, career, finance and health for Librans in 2013.
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Libra 2013 Free Horoscope

Incredible ideas, new contacts, and concrete decisions see a significant place in your list of dos, throughout 2013. A fruitful year with plenty of blossoming projects and realizing objectives is likely to keep you on your toes. As such, it is not a magical wand you need to get your set goals accomplished, as the year will be completely inclined towards you; hence, simply noting down a list of wishes will do the job. A new beam of energy will be infused in your life with a positive growth in the health arena. Those experiencing a declining health due to age factors will notice an unexpected improvement, boosting your overall well-being. While you’ll be in the pink of your health round the year, but a well-balanced diet with a regular workout schedule will further pump you up. Wasting time on online matrimonial sites will be of no use, as your prayers will be answered by your close ones bringing suitable matches for your eligible kids. The months of May or September can be a little troublesome as some uninvited guests are expected at your home. It is best to accept them rather than grumbling. Investments in real estate during March and October will yield maximum returns.
Finance and Career: Money will come to you easily but your financial situation may still not be able to stabilize. The first half is not likely to yield satisfactory returns, though this will improve around midyear and present you a good financial status by year-end. Also, financial dealings require a careful check. Wanna stay ahead of your competitors – make the most of your communication skills. Professional life will be in accord if you incorporate your co-workers into your work. Arguments with seniors will only land you in the bad books – stay out! Students, desiring to pursue higher education abroad, need to wait for some more time.
Love and Romance: The year motivates you to listen to your heart and take love matters seriously. Be it a Yes or No, but you need to take a stand. Mere eye contact and smiles will not give your crush a clear picture of your intentions. It’s high time than you open your eyes and notice the pros and cons of the person. Important decisions in terms of romance and relationships are calling you. Those struck with the cupid’s arrow for the first time have to take every step with caution.
Health and Relationships: Those into a relationship are likely to face some minor conflicts with their partner. However, you’ll realize your mistake, though you’ll stay back from compromising due to your self-ego. Understanding from both ends will occur around the mid of the year. Health will come to you as a ray of hope. Doses of metabolism will galvanize your energy and put you back on the track. With more attention towards your diet, you can promise yourself a good healthy year.
Lucky Number: 3
Lucky Color: Coffee
Lucky Months: March, April & October
With good remuneration, financial stability will come to you naturally. However, to achieve success on the professional front, you’ll have to put in extra efforts. Positive results are expected on the academic front. Success will follow in through your consistent accomplishments in academics. To improve your health, your initiative will be helpful. A pleasant surprise from a loved one is on the cards. Those elected or nominated will see a tense phase.
Lucky Number: 11
Lucky Color: Indigo
Fulfillment of duties or work at office will bring you into the limelight. You’ll be able to keep pace with other classmates on the academic front, due to your productive utilization of time. Businessmen will taste the fruits of good profits. Excellent health is indicated. Cupid is likely to strike you with mutual attraction from both ends. Support from family will motive you to work on your objectives.
Lucky Number: 18
Lucky Color: Cream
A get-together with near and dear ones is expected this month. You are likely to undertake a foreign business trip. Reviving and rekindling love life is indicated. All delaying payments are likely to be realized, through your efforts. You’ll be urged to stand for the truth against people manipulating you through their tantrums. Your growth in academics will be steady. Following a healthy diet will keep you fit.
Lucky Number: 5
Lucky Color: Turquoise
Allow yourself to welcome the change coming up. You’ll hold a good grip of focus at your workplace. A long awaited payment may still take some more time, as delay is indicated. You are likely to fail in your endeavors of getting in touch with someone to solve an important issue; however, hope for the best. Your subordinates can create problems due to lack of sense of responsibility – delegate work accordingly. All your efforts to get back on the track of good health will be paid off now.
Lucky Number: 4
Lucky Color: Lavender
Time to reap the fruits you sowed long ago! You’ll be showered with favorable outcomes for your patience. Money can keep you bothered. An important assignment is in the offing, though it will demand a great deal of attention from your end. Constant hard work and dedication will assist you in academics in achieving something you’d desired for a long time. Your popularity in the social circle will increase – enjoy it! Possibility of a short vacation is strong.
Lucky Number: 18
Lucky Color: Saffron
Your mindset is engaged with larger savings and reduced expenses. At work, a challenging project is lined up. Your focus will shift towards work, now. Improvement is expected on the academic front, due to your endless determination. With the end of the month, your status in the social circle will rise further. This is the time to save your love graph from declining more. An indicated urgent work might have your holiday postponed.
Lucky Number: 18
Lucky Color: Brown
Catering issues that work in your favor will catch your attention. Superiors will be satisfied with your work, professionally. You’ll have a cheerful mood through the month, as you generate a good rapport with your clients. Financial problems will soon subside as you’ll get a positive nod for the loan you applied. Incorporating healthy habits into your regimen will add to your fitness quotient. Avoid traveling, wherever possible.
Lucky Number: 8
Lucky Color: Violet
Ailing patients will soon see the track of recovery. As expected, anything that you dream of gets fulfilled, with this month being no exception. Seeking advice from a co-worker at office will help you in adding your name into the good books of your boss. Love life will be satisfactory with lots of energy and passion. Fulfill your craving for a shopping spree, as money is not an issue.
Lucky Number: 11
Lucky Color: Violet
An exciting gathering with friends and family is on the cards, on the domestic front. There is someone who needs your help, but is unable to express in the right number of words. Grab the opportunity coming along at office to prove your worth. Some money hindrances can compel you to think twice before acting. People who are uneasy about making journeys will make a comfortable travel, this time. No issues with health are foreseen. The month gives you plenty of opportunities to romance with your partner.
Lucky Number: 7
Lucky Color: Dark Blue
All Librans – your lucky month is here! You’ll wrap off with finding a perfect partner. Let your heart take the decisions for your future. All work delegated to you will be accomplished efficiently. Investments will yield excellent rewards. Progress and popularity increase multifold. You save yourself from creating a bad impression with your weird sixth sense.
Lucky Number: 3
Lucky Color: Red
Take this month as a good phase to understand someone, in person. Though distractions are expected at work, but fulfilling objectives and success will fall in your kitty. In academics, you are bound to influence people positively with your words. While entering a new field, you’ll put in your best, potential efforts. While new friends are likely to add to your list, engaging in some quarrel is also predicted. Love will continue to blossom and remain fulfilling.
Lucky Number: 15
Lucky Color: White
Giving time to social circle may be difficult. You are bound to face biasness at office, causing obstacles in executing your work. Your hard work being ignored in academics will start pinching you. Unless you take steps to improve your finances, there is a probability of shortage of money. Keep off from illogical worries, else they’ll only add up to your pile of tensions. You’ll have all the time to rejuvenate and spice up your romantic life. Spending time with close ones will prove to be highly beneficial.
Lucky Number: 7
Lucky Color: Off White