Go through the article to get information on the predictions/forecasts and horoscopes of Libra individuals, for the year 2010.
Astrology: Libra: Libra 2010

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Libra 2010

Libra is seventh zodiac sign. It is ruled by the planet Venus. The second airy sign, Libra is the sign of balance, because it is at the exact center of the zodiac. In the year 2010, the position of the planets is uncertain – they are encouraging at the same time, adverse. Jupiter, which would be positioned in the 6th house, would cause some deterrence to the Librans. You might face health problems in the year and would not be able to enjoy the status you possess, completely. You would develop high intuitional ability in 2010.
Saturn would be positioned in the 7th and 10th houses. This combination will be good for Libra individuals. The position of the planet would encourage the Librans and would be good in relation to profession, marriage and agreements and their writing ability. Shadow planets Rahu and Ketu would be placed in 10th house and 4th house axis, respectively, which will be good for you in the next year. This combination would give sudden political power to the Librans. You might indulge in activities with a noble cause for the society, but such activities would be unscheduled.
Bharath Sharma