Year 2009 will bring in mixed results for Libra individuals in different spheres of life. Read the horoscope & forecast for the coming year.
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Libra 2009

Lucky Number: 6
Lucky Color: Orange
Lucky Day: Friday
Lucky Dates: 6, 15 and 24   
Lucky Month: June  
ISHTA DEVA: God- ArdhNareshar (Shiva-Parvati) 
Vrat (Fast): Monday, Friday
Charity: Feed baggers and lepers
Lucky Metal: Gold 
Lucky Stone: Diamond
Direction: West
Finger: Ring Finger
The habit of going through weekly and yearly forecasts and horoscopes, to know the luck and future, is there in many of us. Although we face the challenges of our lives the way they come, we are still keen about knowing the future because, it helps us get prepared beforehand and tackle the situations sensitively. Here we are to help you with description about what the next year will prove to be in terms of family, health, love and marriage and career.
Librans will get good results in 2009, although thay may experience some problems. Saturn’s placement in the 11th house will be good for you. An increase in income, as well as in status, is indicated. You will come across influential people and make friends with them. Traveling is on the cards, which might open new horizons for you. You will be at good terms with your superiors and boss. The position of Jupiter in the 4th house between January and May and then again between September and December, will be average for you. You are likely to spend for household purposes. However, you will notice that you are not able to spend much for the same. You may also loose peace of mind at times.
Jupiter will move into the next house in May and will remain there till September, which is good. Some of your important works may be done during this period. Financial gains are also indicated during this period. You may celebrate an auspicious function with your family. Rahu’s placement in the 4th and 3rd houses is good in the coming year. Your courage and confidence will be par excellence. You will also command good reputation throughout the year. Saturn will be in the 11th house from January till October which will prove to be beneficial. Thereafter, the planet will move to the next house. During that period, you will suffer from unexpected expenses.
Jupiter will be in the 4th house and it will move to the 5th house between May and September. This period will prove to be beneficial for you, because you will be in good terms with your loved ones, especially your child and friends.  Rahu will be in the 3rd and 4th house as a result of which, you will be able to fulfill your wish of owing a car or house. The year 2009 will bring tremendous change in the lives of Librans pursuing a career in the field of Information & technology, research or media. Your will know the meaning of philosophy of life, which will help you make your life easy and smooth.
Bachelors are likely to get married in the next year. New experiences in life are on the cards. The aged persons will have to take extra care of their health, especially those who are already suffering from asthma, heart diseases, blood pressure or gastric troubles. There may be an anxiety about a female in your life, who is dear to you.

Dhyraj Kamale