Leo woman has a multitalented personality. Learn about the characteristics and profile of Leo women.
Astrology: Leo: Leo Woman

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Leo Woman

Leo woman aims to be the cynosure of all eyes. A versatile individual, she is kind at heart and always takes the initiative to help those in need. Leo females have great skills in all aspects, be it humor, courage or even sensuality. They are strong willed and have a desire to make it big in the world. The greatest weakness of Leo women is the need to be the center of attraction. They love fan-following. The best way to please them is to adore their beauty and flatter them to the greatest possible extent. They would, in turn, do anything you want.
Leo females have an extravagant soul. They love to be gifted costly things and expect to be pampered by everyone. They want to have the luxuries of life and do not shy away from showing them off as well. They thrive on constant attention and praise and are sure to suffer without it. Even though they love being the center of attraction, at times, they would like to spend sometime alone and recharge themselves. Though a Leo woman is not too dominating, she might sometimes take over things which her partner cannot and thus, take the lead.
A Leo woman is creative and generous. She is fiercely independent and loves to fly high. Leo female is never clingy and would give space to her loved ones, but only on the condition that they don't forget to shower love and affection on her. Leo females want their partner to be well-cultured and well-behaved. They want him to be very decent in language as well as expressions. Though they will get a lot of male attention and appreciation throughout their life, they will be loyal and committed towards the person they love. Leo women are generous and hospitable and make great hosts as well.