Leo zodiac sign is characterized by dominance and ambition. Read on to know the personality and profile of a Leo individual.
Astrology: Leo: Leo Traits

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Leo Traits

The zodiac sign of Leo is ruled by Sun. Leos are simple, down-to-earth people, who are clear about their desires and attain them with a lot of zeal and gusto. They are enthusiastic individuals, who have a creative bent of mind.Born leaders, they are known to be ambitious, courageous, strong-willed, positive, independent and self-confident. When placed in commanding situations, Leos tend to fare extremely well. They are known to have a flair for luxury and are spend-thrift in nature.
Usually, Leos are quite affable and have a pleasing nature. However, they can become short tempered, blunt and nasty, if aggravated. They are prone to bouts of anger and may take time to get back to normal. They are prone to short periods of depression, but also know how to bounce back to their cheery and jovial attitude. Leos are warm, bright, outgoing, generous, charming and magnanimous. They can handle the toughest of situations, with their clear and clever thinking.
A Leo is generally noted to be good looking, with a healthy physique and a broad forehead. He is self expressive, intelligent and broad minded and has a tendency to be philosophical at times. He is also very lazy and loves to be pampered. A Leo loves to be the center of attraction and with him, flattery can take you anywhere. He is prone to jealousy and is very possessive of his loved ones. Leos love traveling and exploring new places and are strong believers in God.