A Leo man is characterized by his longing for public attention. Explore the personality and profile of Leo men.
Astrology: Leo: Leo Man

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Leo Man

The typical Leo trait i.e. of looking for attention is visible in Leo man as well. He wants to be the center of attraction and get noticed by people all the time. Leo man is a go-getter by nature. He is always very optimistic, independent and totally confident about his life. He is generous with affection as well as money Leo males have an aura of charisma surrounding them and always appear assured and assertive about their thoughts. They adore doing things in style and want their life to be full of excitement.
Leo men are dominating. They love to be in bossy and commanding positions. They might also have traits of playboy, especially if wealthy. A Leo male takes nothing seriously and hence, can be irritating at times. He is extremely possessive, to the extent that he may feel offended even if his wife talks to another male. A Leo man can be a hypocrite and also bully others. If left on his own, he can turn into a true tyrant or dictator. He loves to show off and wants to have permanence in life, the latter turning into stubbornness at times.
There is an urgent need to get noticed in Leo males. The worst thing you can do to them is to ignore or overlook them. In such a case, they can become very insecure. Leo men love flattery and pampering them is the best way to get anything done. Leo and independence are synonymous to each other. They also love taking responsibilities and would execute the task with perfection. A Leo male is fond of power and loves to have superior positions in life. He will also contribute in works of charity and take pleasure in working for advancement and uplift of humanity.