Check out the yearly prediction of love, marriage and romance horoscope for Leo individuals, for the year 2010.
Astrology: Leo: Leo Love Horoscope 2010

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Leo Love Horoscope 2010

In the year 2010, individuals born under the sun sign Leo will be tempted to have partners for love. Shadow planets placed in 5th house are not encouraging. The placement of the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu in the 5th house and 11th house, respectively, would spell scanty amount of love for Leo individuals in the year 2010.
Married Leo couples will have a good time with their partners as well as their family. One has to note that since the afflicted 8th house tampers the mindset for romantic liaisons, it may render you apparently insignificant. Divorce applications would remain unsettled in the year.
As far as support of friends or near and dear ones is concerned, you will be surrounded by near and dear ones, but only a few of them will turn out to be really trustworthy.
The coming year is the time to catch up with your old friends, which is sure to rekindle the old friendship and bonding. Overall, the year 2010 would fetch you happiness.

Bharath Sharma