Find the yearly horoscope & predictions for individuals of Leo Sun sign, as far as their love life, marriage and family are concerned.
Astrology: Leo: Leo Love Horoscope

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Leo Love Horoscope

Love, marriage and family are three important aspects of a person's life. A yearly prediction about the three vital elements in your life will not only give you a broad idea of how the next year will be like, but also help you prepare yourself for the foreseen trouble. Go through this article, where we have provided the Leo horoscope for 2009, in context of their love life, marriage and family.
In terms of love, marriage and family, the year 2009 will be average for Leo individuals. Due to the position of Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu, there will healthy atmosphere in your family. You will be surrounded by endearing friends, but only a few of them will turn out to be really trustworthy. So, take care. The coming year is the time to catch up with your old friends. Meeting them will fetch you happiness. You will share your feelings and thoughts with them, which will make you feel relaxed. There are strong chances that you will meet your significant half in 2009.
There may be some fluctuations in the health of your partner, friend or lover. You will be worried about your father or father-in-law or any senior member of the family. Loss of a significant person in your life, probably from maternal side, may also bother you. There are chances of an accident, fracture, fraud, robbery or theft in the upcoming year. Take special care of your partner if she is pregnant, because possibility of an abortion is high. Be aware of people who are divorced or aged. If you are planning to have a love marriage, without consulting your parents, then beware of a spy, who could spoil your plan.

Dhyraj Kamale