Find about love, career, family and health of Leo individuals in this 2012 yearly forecast and horoscope for Leo.
Astrology: Leo: Leo Horoscope 2012

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Leo Horoscope 2012

How Is The Year 2012 For You?
You will have a charming life this year with better prospects in your financial, professional and family life. Enormous creativity, both professionally and personally, will lead to an enormous amount of productivity. Professionally, you will receive appreciation for your work efforts and the relationship with your colleagues will be smooth. Superiors will be pleased with your work and you will receive help from the people you deal with at work. Life will be entertaining and easy going as your financial prospects will be sound. Along with a satisfactory work life, you will also enjoy good health throughout the year, except for some minor ailments. This year, you will also try to uplift your mind with higher knowledge and wisdom. Suddenly you will find a desire to study further and do research in your field. Your personal life will be good but demanding, so you will have to learn to cope with it. Regarding personal love affairs, you will take a realistic approach, which will bear positive results. Any family issues will be resolved happily and with lucrative solutions. There will be rise in overall expenses so, it is better if you scuttle any plans to invest in property this year. You will have a happy environment at your home which will help you to live life to the fullest.
Leo Health Horoscope:
Though you will have satisfactory health this year, your energy level won’t be high. This year, you should be especially cautious while driving. Women may complain of some gynaecological problems. Regular medicines and treatment will help ease out such problems. Be careful with what children eat or else small ailments like chest or throat infection can afflict in the second half of the year.
Leo Love & Romance Horoscope:
Your love life will enjoy a boost this year. If you had been struggling in a relation so far, this year it will proceed smoothly. Work place romance can strike but it is better to be cautious. Getting too personal at office can put you in a professional trouble. Those looking for a suitable match may have to wait till the last quarter of the year.
Leo Family Horoscope:
Your family will understand any difficulties you face and stand nearby to help you out. This year is a good time to go on travels. Elders in the family will push you to invest in real estate but you should prevail over them. Towards May, a friction may arise towards a close relative. Sort out the differences amicably and lower your tone and attitudes.
Leo Professional/Career Horoscope:
You must abandon old and obsolete ideas which are no longer relevant to your professional success. Dispose them and clear the way for new projects, plans and deeds. Your business will expand due to new projects. Those in the real estate sector need to re-strategize their approach to increase their clientele.
Lucky Number: 9
Lucky Colour: Yellow
Lucky Months: May, July & August