Go through the article to get yearly predictions and horoscope for Leo individuals for the year 2009, in relation to the matters of health and wealth.
Astrology: Leo: Leo Health Forecast for 2009

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Leo Health Forecast for 2009

Health and wealth go hand in hand. Even the slightest change in one of the aspects affects the other. Managing your assets may bother you, which may in turn lead to a series of health problems. On the other hand, poor health may affect your ability to attain desired material gain. This drives people to maintain a balance between the two. Although the yearly predictions by astrologers don’t help achieve the balance, they surely help you in getting a broad idea about how your health and wealth will be in the coming days. In this article, we have given the horoscope for the year 2009, regarding health and wealth of Leos.
Individuals born under the zodiac sign Leo should take special care of their health in the coming year. You may suffer from common cold and cough. You may undergo a surgery or get a fracture. If you are already suffering from any disease, the sickness might escalate. Health problems may bother you, since the sixth house will be governed by Jupiter and Rahu. Your heart will be distressed and your mind will not be peaceful. However, the peaceful atmosphere in your family will help you relax.
In the coming year, you will not be able to enjoy food or get a sound sleep. Your past deeds will haunt you throughout the year. To overcome such problems, it will be wise to indulge in charity, by donating things to a Brahmin or Shudra. The year 2009 is not favorable for investments. You should not take up new consignments as well. Do not frown if your work is pending or if your plans fail. Be patient and you will get positive results. In 2009, you will realize the real philosophy of life and will be able to differentiate between your friends and foes.

Dhyraj Kamale