The year 2009 will witness drastic changes in the professional life of Leos. In this horoscope, we have predicted the career of Leo Sun sign.
Astrology: Leo: Leo Career and Business Predictions 2009

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Leo Career and Business Predictions 2009

Career is an important aspect of everyone’s life. The later part of one’s life, after education, is largely influenced by his/her profession. Since career plays a significant role in people’s life, it is obvious that they will be enthusiastic to know how their professional life will turn out be in the coming days. Here, we are to help all those career-centric Leos, who want to know their career horoscope for the year 2009.  
Drastic changes are foreseen in the field of career for Leo individuals. Employees may change their job or get transferred in another department, within the same company. Businessmen may think of changing the area of their trade. You may face unexpected hurdles in the business, mainly due to the positioning of Rahu and Jupiter. Beware of the people around you, as they might try to harm you. You may lose faith on those you earlier considered trustworthy.  
You may get involved in a court case in 2009. Payments may get delayed in business. Students preparing for competitive exams will have to pay more attention on their studies, in order to get the desired results. On a general basis, the chances of attaining success are very less. However, since individual horoscopes vary, the positioning of the planets in your 'kundali' might make a difference. Individual positioning of planets might help self-employed people expand their business. Traveling may open up new horizon in your professional life.

Dhyraj Kamale