Gemini individual are very sociable by nature. Explore the personality and profile of those born under Gemini zodiac sign.
Astrology: Gemini: Gemini Traits

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Gemini Traits

Ruled by the planet Mercury, a Gemini is a bright, witty, entertaining individual, adaptable to all situations and circumstances. Gemini individuals have a lively and friendly nature. Having a happy temperament, they can be best defined as free souls. They have an optimistic outlook towards life and are sociable, imaginative and versatile, ready to take up new activities. A Gemini is a great story teller, having an aptitude to make life a little more appealing for everyone.
Geminis are sometimes designated as egocentric and restless individuals, who might get unstable and unpredictable over certain issues. Curiosity is the driving force for a Gemini, who wants to satisfy his quest for knowledge. The thirst for learning new things and expressions is commonly noted in such an individual. Gemini individuals rarely get deeply involved in one particular task or interest. Their span of attention is very limited and they get diverted very easily.
A popular belief among Geminis is that life must be lived to the fullest. They are usually blessed with a tall build, big nose and beautiful hair. It has been commonly found that they have a religious bent of mind and are god-fearing. A Gemini individual is capable of earning a lot of wealth and fame in life, but the journey would not be an easy one. He would spend a lot of money, but at the same time, be cautious not to be spendthrift also.