Health and wealth are important parameters of life. Read horoscope 2009 for Gemini Sun sign, in matters related to health and wealth.
Astrology: Gemini: Gemini Health Forecast for 2009

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Gemini Health Forecast for 2009

Are you concerned about your health and wealth in the year 2009? Most of us are. We all know how vital it is to keep fit and stay healthy. Along with health, the ability of acquiring wealth is also important to sustain in this world. Here is the horoscope of Gemini individual for 2009, with respect to their health and wealth.
2009 poses to be satisfactory for Gemini individuals, at least financially. There might be a slight delay in promotion in service or politics. You will have friendly relations with some higher officials who might, in turn, help you in some respect. You might also get some of your long-cherished dreams come true. The presence of Saturn will make you stronger and help you get what you want. In the coming year, you are also likely to enjoy good health.
You might get hidden or unexpected profit from your service or business. There are chances that your invested funds or business profits or insurance claims (health or vehicle related) will materialize. The policy on which you have invested will also get matured and you would have enough money in your bank account. Though Jupiter would be in the 8th house with Rahu, it would, for some time, be in the 7th house as well. During this time, you will get mixed results. However, the year, in totality, will bring pleasing news in the field of wealth.