Get yearly predictions and horoscope in relation to career & finance for Gemini Sun sign in the year 2009.
Astrology: Gemini: Gemini Career and Business Predictions 2009

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Gemini Career and Business Predictions 2009

At some point of time, we all get anxious to know how our career will be in the future. If you are a graduate, you get worried about getting a job. Those who are already working, look for opportunities of growth. As for the self-employed, they look for expansion. Listed below is 2009 horoscope of the Gemini individuals, with respect to their career.
Career-wise, the coming year would be excellent for Geminis. All you need to do is have a control over your bad habits and things would work in favor of you. The self-employed Geminis have strong chances of expanding their business, with the help of strong support. Being a part of a good social circle will also bring in success. Employed people will get support from seniors/boss, especially in promotional issues.
Students would also achieve success. For those who are preparing for competitive exams, this year is quite favorable. All you need to do is to put in hard work and have a strong will power. Those Geminis who have just completed their education have chances of getting a good job. Possibilities of leaving your present place of residence, for job, are very high. You might go out of the country also. It is advisable for you to perform Satya Narayan Pooja at home. This should be done every month, on the full moon day. It will bring about a tremendous change in your career.