Check out comprehensive horoscope and prediction for the individuals of Gemini Sun sign for the year 2009.
Astrology: Gemini: Gemini 2009

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Gemini 2009

Lucky Number - 1
Lucky Color - Skyblue
Lucky Day ­ Wednesday
Lucky Dates - 1, 10, 19 & 28  
Lucky Month - January and October
Ishta Deva - Ganesha
Vrat (Fast) - Wednesday
Charity -To feed grass to the cattle, respect the Eunuchs and donate them as much you can.
Lucky Metal - Gold
Lucky Stone - Emerald
Direction - West
Finger ­ Little-Finger
The year 2009 will prove to be quite beneficial for a Gemini. The placement of Saturn in the 3rd house seems quite positive. You will have tremendous courage and confidence to carry out your pursuits. You will come across learned people and make friends with them. You may have to undertake frequent journeys, which will result in opening of new horizons. You need not worry about your brothers and sisters, as they will do very well in their respective fields. The attempts of your opponents to tarnish your image will not be successful.
Jupiter’s position in the 7th house, between January and May and again between September and December, would act favorably. Some of your ambitious projects will come through, during this period. The family atmosphere will be quite pleasant and there would be harmony among members as well. There are strong chances of a celebration in the family. It is advisable not take any important decisions between May and September, as Jupiter is not in a favorable position. Rahu’s placement, in the 8th and 7th house, this year is alright. You might suffer from health-related problems between May and September. Barring this, this year will prove excellent for you. Try to make the best use of 2009.
Some of your projects are likely to come through. In your business, you will do quite well. An expansion in the same area of interest or launching of a new venture is not ruled out. If employed, your working conditions will improve. However, the second half of this period may not be good. Take care of your health, as this period might not prove to be good. The family atmosphere may not be peaceful and you might develop a strain in your relations.