February 2012 horoscope presents you predictions on love, career, health, business and finance for different zodiac signs.
Astrology: February 2012 Horoscope

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February 2012 Horoscope

The month of love - February is about to begin. It is, but obvious, for each one of us to guesstimate and know what this romantic month has in store for us. With this horoscope for February 2012, learn about the various strengths and problems foretold for every individual. Browse through the sections below to grab useful information on love career, health, business, finance and relationship for all the 12 sun signs for the sensuous and passionate month of February 2012. Read on!
Aries Horoscope for February 2012
Big decisions are on your way. Like it or not, but a transformation is expected in your life, with no options of avoiding it. The change will pertain to your professional life. Take care of your finances and every move you make, else you may end up paying a hefty price. Singles will find new love and those committed, will become more responsible. Trust and have faith in yourself, rather than relying on others, for this month.
Taurus Horoscope for February 2012
The month brings forth a muddle of happiness and anguish together. The career sector will be in the limelight with positive changes expected. You can wholeheartedly look for new friends, new dreams, new hopes and new wishes. Rather, surprises are full-on through friends this month. On the downside, be wary of your colleagues as you may be the target for creating a dent. Romance will take a new high and keep the love life graph on a rise. A word of caution - do not hunt for new love or a soul mate if you’re single; you’ll land up being regretful.
Gemini Horoscope for February 2012
February is likely to be a busy month for all employed. To keep your career track clear, complete your pending projects before picking new ones, else you’ll not be able to complete either of them. Also new opportunities will come along your way, but you may have to decline them due to personal issues. Managing finances could be a hard task this month, with your bank balance falling down drastically. Also, avoid investing or lending money to people. Health needs special care. Stick to regular workout and homemade food to stay fit. Do not attempt to spark any new relationship during this month.
Cancer Horoscope for February 2012
Take travel as a spiritual journey to purify your thoughts and unclog your mind. Give calmness and patience a good shot to keep away from frustrations and anger. It’s high time you learn to get emotionally stable. You may not be completely satisfied with your professional life. Keep alternate options open if you desire to quit your present position. The Valentine cupid wants you to open up and put apart your shell to allow some love drop in. Your charm and allure will keep the love bright and present you a satisfactory love graph. Your struggles will be paid off in the month end.
Leo Horoscope for February 2012
Expectations will be on the rise on the professional front. A busy, focused and dedicated month is on your way. Take this as a positive sign of promotions and higher positions. Also, opportunities will flow in beyond your hopes. Grab the best ones, for you may not get them after they lapse. Finances will be strong, with an increase of flow from different ends. Time to deal with matters that were held back for a long time, especially those concerning love and romance! Take out time to strategize your schedule for the entire month. Since its Valentine month, your glamour and glitz will add extra fun and light to any party you attend.
Virgo Horoscope for February 2012
Brilliance and positivity will be in the spotlight unlike the last month of January. Right time for new business ventures, right time for new initiatives, right time for investments! Both personal and professional life will be smooth. A business or pleasure trip is on the cards. Happiness and delight will pour in from family and relationships. Romance and passion will be in the air as all misunderstandings will be sorted out. The month will start and end with moments of adoration and intimacy. More peace of mind, higher performance, normal health, what more do you want?
Libra Horoscope for February 2012
Shift your focus on completing all leftover unfinished tasks. This month will turn out to be a patience tester, since you aren’t getting the recognition that you actually deserve. Don’t lose hope; you have some great opportunities coming up on the career front. On the good note, you’ll be more cautious about your health. This is the right time to climb a step further on the ladder of love. Allow your heart to confess your feelings for your partner, if you have one. Be watchful before getting into arguments with your family or relatives. Finances will be easily manageable.
Scorpio Horoscope for February 2012
Your ability to communicate with others will mark the month of February. Your charisma and positive attitude will get people attracted towards you for your better and improved social life. Love life will be a roller-coaster with infatuation flowing in, though with no signs of seriousness. Committed couples will have a romantic period. An auspicious family event is likely to take place, with family and friends having a get-together. Life at workplace will be rewarding. You’ll be able to strike a balance between family and love.
Sagittarius Horoscope for February 2012
Issues persisting since last month will be resolved in February. Luck will favor students studying medicine and technology. Professional life will be a smooth ride. Stay out of gossips, if possible, and invest in any new project only in the second half, if you so desire. Though money will come to you unexpectedly, but shun splurging on unnecessarily. A great deal of understanding and coordination will keep your personal life happy and flourishing.
Capricorn Horoscope for February 2012
A surprise packed month is waiting for you. Utilize the time to sit back and think of the reasons for the unwanted events occurring in the recent times. Let the world know your real worth that you’d been hiding during all this while. Take a sigh of relief as finances will be problem-free, giving you a clear picture where to invest and where not to. Purchasing an immovable property will be profitable. Though hypertension may retire you unwell, you can kick it off with meditation and breathing exercises. All required support will be provided by family and friends.
Aquarius Horoscope for February 2012
For those of you born during this month, wishing you a Happy Birthday! Unexpected praise and public recognition will come along your way. A holiday, too, is on your cards. Position in terms of money will improve. Keep the trust and motivation in your relationship consistent for long-term benefits. It’s time to let your beloved know your feelings for him/her. A do or die situation, indeed! Economic conditions, business, investments, stock market will be on high rolls. Good surprises are in store for ladies.
Pisces Horoscope for February 2012
February advises to make an exit from all negative powers and extract time to pamper and cuddle yourself. Indulge in activities that’ll infuse fresh energy and thoughts to your mind. Stick to exercises and meditation for a heavy doze of rejuvenation and revitalization. Finances need care, especially in the first half, to avoid unforeseen expenditures. Past investments will yield fruits during this phase. New property can be bought towards the month end, with social activities lined up as well. Use creative ideas to spice up your love life. Marriage, love, career and money have news for you! Keep waiting!