Find about love, career, family and health of Capricorn individuals in this 2012 yearly forecast and horoscope for Capricorn.
Astrology: Capricorn: Capricorn Horoscope 2012

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Capricorn Horoscope 2012

How Is The Year 2012 For You?
The sparkle of inspiration will appear to put you on the right track. Your friends will influence you a lot and find support in your goals and wishes. Practical decisions will lead to positive changes. You are likely to shine and others will regard you in a favorable light making you move ahead. You can put all your efforts into business and career as advancement is on the cards. You will find yourself busy in financial matters and you are keen to make your work more profitable. You will increase you personal income in the form of fixed assets. You are motivated to maintain your fitness and you will put hard efforts to do that in a right way. This will be a interactive year with lots of new happenings and changes. Beneficial meetings will win applause for your prowess in work. You did hard efforts to consolidate your position and now you will feel more confident about it. Be cautious about taking risk as it may affect your smooth ongoing life. Keep your bags ready as you may have to go on trips this year. You might find courage to propose to your sweetheart. This will be a balanced year which will put you in a more comfortable position.
Capricorn Health Horoscope:
Your energy level will be hit over the edge; it may affect even the most ambitious plans. The period of Mars transit through your sign could be a little upsetting but your wit and determination will not let you wither. Go ahead and do all sorts of activities that can please you to stay hale and hearty. Yoga and meditation are super cool ingredients to kill those feelings of tension and worrisome air.
Capricorn Love & Romance Horoscope:
Stars promise this year to be a year of communication. There will be new contacts and interesting acquaintances to be approached. There is a possibility to increase your circle of friends and then look up for that someone special who matches up to your tastes and lifestyles. Travel will bring many vivid impressions and raise your emotional status. You will also explore new ways to get optimum romance in normal conditions.
Capricorn Family Horoscope:
This year will make you realise the importance of your family members especially the ones living away from you. Your heart may desire to meet them several times but your office engagements will leave you with just a few options. Work more on your communications with them as the world sees you only the way you communicate and not the way you feel for them. The best way is to share your best wishes with some good words about them. Children need to fine tune their behaviour with their parents.
Capricorn Professional/Career Horoscope:
The year may not move as you had planned for it. Bigger projects may have to be broken into smaller units before executing. There could be difference of opinion with the senior management. Better move the way they want you to and avoid bringing your own ideas to action as they may result in disaster rather than being constructive. The second half of the year will be important to impress those who matter in the professional scenario in order to step up the career ladder.
Lucky Number: 6
Lucky Colour: Peach
Lucky Months: June, August & September.