Have a look into the yearly horoscope for individuals of Capricorn Sun sign covering important aspects such as health & wealth.
Astrology: Capricorn: Capricorn Health Forecast for 2009

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Capricorn Health Forecast for 2009

Talking about New Year, horoscope is the first thing that comes in our mind. Even in terms of predictions for the coming year, health and wealth are issues that take prime concern for a person. If you are a Capricorn and want to know how your health and wealth are going to be in 2009, the horoscope given below will come handy.
You might suffer from ill-health this year. You will have to work very hard to get success in important works. You might get involved in disputes with your friends and relatives and neither will be of any help or support to you.
Financially, you will be comfortable, but, at times, extravagance is likely to make you feel tensed. However, it will not harm you in a big way as you will continue receiving luxurious items.
Be cautious while driving, walking or running, because carelessness can become the cause of broken bone or bleeding. To prevent the above-mentioned problems, donate oil-filled steel pot, a black blanket and red sweets (like imarti) to lepers.

Dhyraj Kamale