Have a look at yearly prediction and horoscope of individuals of Capricorn Sun sign in the year 2009, in all the spheres of life.
Astrology: Capricorn: Capricorn 2009

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Capricorn 2009

Lucky Number - 9
Lucky Color - Red
Lucky Day - Saturday
Lucky Dates - 9, 18, 27  
Lucky Month - September
Ishta Deva - Lord Shiva and His Avatar - Bhairav, Hanuman, etc
Vrat (Fast) - Tuesday and Saturday
Charity - To feed lepers and donate oil after seeing your own shadow in it
Lucky Metal - Gold and Steel
Lucky Stone - Blue Sapphire (Neelam)
Direction - West
Finger - Middle Finger
Capricorns are strong-willed individuals, who believe in struggling forward and achieving their aims. They love their family and are home-birds. Practicality and determination are like second nature to them. Still, just like every one else, they would also like to explore what the future has in store for them. In the following lines, we have provided Capricorn horoscope for the year 2009.
In the year 2009, the Capricornians will have mixed results. Jupiter’s placement, in the 1st house, between January and May and then again between September and December, is satisfactory. You may have to put extra efforts to get the desired results. There might be setbacks in your ventures. The family atmosphere, on the whole, will remain good, but the health of a family member might deteriorate.
Jupiter’s transit, however, into the next house, between May and September, will give you very good results. Some of your long-awaited projects or plans may come through during this period. Money matters will also take a good turn. Nonetheless, Saturn’s placement in the 8th house is not encouraging. You may have to face difficulties in the process of realizing your goals. There might be loss of money as well. It is during this phase only that your opponents might try to damage your reputation. You need to be careful or else, they will succeed. Avoid taking unnecessary risks.
For Capricorns, this year is not good in relation to court matters. Your health also needs extra care and attention. Rahu’s placement in the 1st house is okay. However, it can result in bad health of your spouse. To mitigate the evil influence of the planets, wear a blue sapphire (Neelam), set in gold, on the middle finger of your right hand, on a Saturday morning. 
This year is not too good as far as your health is concerned. You may become physically weak and even suffer from a short temper. You might have to suffer from some kind of blood disorder. There is also risk of meeting with an accident. On the psychological level, you will feel restless and tense. You are advised to avoid traveling this year, as journeys might result in losses and discomfort. You will lose faith in religion and not participate in religious activities.
In matters of business, progress is not likely to happen. Losses and unnecessary problems would be a regular affair. Financially, you will find yourself in a tight spot. This can be due to extra expenses or monetary losses. Your promotion may be delayed, as high officials will not be too pleased with you and you may become a victim of their wrath. You will not get the desired respect in the society. It is advisable to measure each step before you head towards your goals.

Dhyraj Kamale