This horoscope will provide the yearly prediction for Cancer individuals, with respect to their love matters, marriage and family in 2009.
Astrology: Cancer: Cancer Love Horoscope

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Cancer Love Horoscope

Love, marriage and family are prioritized by all. Love - full of pleasant surprises, a peaceful marital life and a family where disputes have no room, are desired by everyone. Yearly prediction is a way to keep us acquainted with the future, so that we are able to lead a better life and handle the problems related to love, marriage and family much more effectively. Read this horoscope to get the yearly prediction about the love matters, marriage and family of Cancer individuals.
There are chances of your flirting and falling in love with someone, in 2009. Since you are a Cancerian, and thus sentimental, you should acquire control over your emotions. Otherwise, you may face troublesome situations in your love life. In the coming year, you may get back to your ex and even marry him/her. Saturn will be positioned in the 2nd house and Rahu will be in the 7th house. Jupiter and Ketu will be in 1st house. All these positions indicate that bachelors have fair chances of getting married. Divorced people may get a new partner after/during a short or long distance journey.
In 2009, stars are going to rewrite a new story for you, penned with marvelous feelings. However, you might feel all alone and a bit sad at times. As far as sexual relations and private organs are concerned, you won’t face adverse situations. The conditions will neither be too bad, nor too good. Talking about family matters, there are chances of an extension in your family as well as in the source of your income. A change in the way you speak or the tone of your voice may result in significant changes in your family life. To avoid unnecessary disputes, it is better to think before you speak and listen more than you talk. There are chances of separation in your family, so be prepared.