Explore the horoscope to know about the health & wealth forecast of people with Cancer zodiac sign, in 2009.
Astrology: Cancer: Cancer Health Forecast for 2009

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Cancer Health Forecast for 2009

It is very important to maintain good health, to attain materialistic wealth and prosperity. Physical and mental fitness is vital to keep you focused on your work. Most of the people are concerned about their own as well as their family’s health. Apart from health, wealth often becomes a major cause of anxiety in people’s life. If you are a Cancerian and want to know about the status of your health and wealth in 2009, the horoscope provided below will come handy.
You may suffer from physical ailments in the year 2009. Due to poor health, you will become weak and short-tempered, which may even land you in unnecessary trouble. Rahu will be positioned in the 7th house, as a result of which, the coming year would not prove favorable for your own health as well as that of your spouse. You may also suffer from contagious diseases or mental restlessness. Jupiter will be positioned in the 7th house. The planet will move to the 8th house for a short period of time, when you may suffer from headache.
Generally, Jupiter does not cause loss of money. However, it damages reputation, when it passes through the 8th house. You might loose confidence by the behavior of your seniors. However, this position of Jupiter may increase your bank balance and a number of comforts related to household items and possessions such as vehicle (2/4 wheeler). It may also provide you sexual enjoyment (shaiya sukha). Jupiter, when positioned in the 7th house, may create dissensions between you and your partner.
Due to different positions of the planets, possibilities of a surgical treatment are there. You may avoid the surgery by reading a book of ‘Navnath’. Be very careful in the coming year, as your bad habits may land you in huge loss. If you are a heart patient or suffer from the problem of blood pressure, you should avoid fatty and oily foods. Otherwise, you might suffer from clotting of blood or even heart attack. Common cold and cough may cause sickness pertaining to lungs. As far as wealth is concerned, you will be lucky in the next year. Rahu in 7th house and Ketu in the 1st house might fetch unexpected profits.