Explore the article to read about the yearly predictions of career and finance horoscope, for the zodiac sign Cancer, for the year 2010.
Astrology: Cancer: Cancer Career and Business Predictions 2010

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Cancer Career and Business Predictions 2010

For Cancer individuals, professional life would be full of anticipations and unpredictable situations in the year 2010. You might face small problems in the field of career, in the coming year. Rahu will be positioned in the 6th house and Jupiter, the Lord of Investment, will be in the 8th house. Saturn will stay in the 3rd house. This particular combination would raise your vitality and core strengths, which would in turn help you remain firm in relation to any strategy against company’s policies, against seniors or even success at conferences. Jupiter’s position in the 8th house is not ideal for investments, but might prove to be favorable for government bonds. Due to the position of Saturn, you would be in good terms with juniors and subordinates.
Improvement in business tours in on the cards. Your bank balance and fixed property might increase. You would be benefited by your eloquent personality, acquiring good control over evil thoughts with the shadow planet Ketu in the axis. Deals will turn in your favor, especially those related to long term fixed investments or vehicles. Mixed results are also foreseen in terms of your profession and talent. The first part of the year would give a platform to your talent and ability, while the second part might prove troublesome for the same. Your friend might become foe in your professional life. 

In the year 2010, Cancer individuals would have to handle unexpected and unforeseen situations very carefully. This is the time you might lack support, especially during the second half of the year. Generally, Jupiter does not cause loss of money. However, it damages reputation, when it passes through the 8th house. You might loose confidence by the behavior of your seniors. However, this position of Jupiter might increase your bank balance and a number of comforts related to household items and possessions, such as vehicle (2/4 wheeler). As far as wealth is concerned, you will be lucky in the next year. Rahu in 6th house and Ketu in the 12th house might fetch unexpected profits. 

Bharath Sharma