Go through this horoscope to get information on the yearly predictions of career & business for Cancer individuals, for the year 2009.
Astrology: Cancer: Cancer Career and Business Predictions 2009

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Cancer Career and Business Predictions 2009

Career is an important concern for most of the people. They are worried as to whether they will achieve their targeted goals, will they be able to climb up the ladder of success effortlessly. Since professional life is full of anticipations and unpredictable situations, you may feel that it is vital to know what life has in stock for you, in the years to come. In this article, we have given Cancer horoscope for the year 2009, in the field of career.
You may face small problems in the field of career in the coming year. Rahu will be in the 7th house of your zodiac, because of which, you might have to face adverse circumstances. However, you need not be afraid, as they will last only for a short duration of time. Saturn will stay in the 2nd house and increase your property, money and prosperity, with the help of Jupiter, when the latter will be in the 8th house. However, due to the shadashtak yoga of Rahu and Saturn, you may face unexpected loss of fixed property or loose similar materialistic wealth, when Saturn and Jupiter are positioned in the 7th house.
There may be problems related to your mother, house and vehicle in 2009. Problems may also pertain to your father-in-law’s family. You may also face trouble at the hands of your elders or siblings. However, Jupiter’s position in the 8th house will fetch relaxation. Your pilgrimage and business tours will also provide decent results. Your bank balance and fixed property will increase. You will be benefited by your eloquent personality, acquiring good control over evil thoughts as well. Deals will turn in your favor, especially those related to fixed property or vehicles.
Disputes or misunderstandings will be sorted out in the upcoming year. You will enjoy good health and develop good personality. However, due to Rahu, there may be some obstacles in the process of attaining good health. Short distance travel may open new gates of success for you. Your brother/sister may do some favorable things for you. You will be able solve your problems. However, Rahu may become a hindrance for you in solving your problems.